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October 5, 2013

John Lackey


Tampa Bay Rays - 4
Boston Red Sox - 7

Q.  Can you just talk about what it's like to pitch to David Ross and how he helps you out tonight.
JOHN LACKEY:¬†¬† He was great for me tonight.¬† I was kind of struggling with command a little bit, and he was definitely ‑‑ we had to change up the pitch selection and get me back into it.¬† And we kind of grinded through that one.

Q.  How much of the command was related to being off as long as you were?
JOHN LACKEY:¬†¬† Maybe a little bit, yeah.¬† There was definitely ‑‑ I thought my stuff felt pretty good, as far as the spinning the breaking ball.¬† But the command just kind of was hit or miss for pretty much the whole time I was out there.

Q.  What was it like seeing what your guys did to David Price?
JOHN LACKEY:   He's a great pitcher.  He's pitched really well against us, but we've got a pretty good lineup.  It was fun to see our guys do their thing.  It was a great team win.  Guys scoring runs early on, really helped me out.  And turned some great double plays.  Just an overall good team win.

Q.  Farrell just called it a blue collar start for you.  Would you kind of characterize it that way, too?
JOHN LACKEY:   For sure.  It definitely wasn't the best stuff or the best I felt this year.  I was probably pretty far down there, actually.  But we got through it.  And guys scoring runs, doing what they did against Price was the story of the day, for sure.

Q.  You've pitched in a lot of playoff games against Dave Ortiz, what was it like having him on your side today?
JOHN LACKEY:¬†¬† Special.¬† I like it a lot better on this side, for sure.¬† He's tough this time of year, anytime of year.¬† But he definitely ‑‑ he's a guy that likes bright lights, for sure.

Q.  Your first postseason game with the Red Sox, what are your thoughts on it?
JOHN LACKEY:   It was awesome.  The atmosphere out there was unbelievable.  The people were going crazy.  And I guess when I struck Zobrist out to get out of that one jam, it was a fun place to be, for sure.

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