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October 5, 2013

Fred Couples


Q.  What a clutch birdie out of Matt there.
FRED COUPLES:  All wins of big.  Obviously we played very, very well this morning.  Seems like they have been out here for six days now playing and grinding, and Adam and Hideki have been an awesome team.  I think Tiger and Kuch wanted to play their best and show them that they can play with them, and they did.  Looked like Adam might make birdie, and Kuch did it to win the match.
Everyone is going, we decided to sit Hunter and Jordan Spieth, not for any reason.  Like I told Nick, we all have All‑Star teams.  It's no fun to sit anyone.  I'm proud of the guys who went out and got four points out of five.  We are all going to be tired so it gives us a little leeway in case somebody is a little tired or exhausted or their bodies shut down.  I know Nick's team is also going to be the same way but that was a big boost for us.

Q.  Are there any contingency plans if the forecast proves accurate and there's a lot of rain on Sunday stretching into Monday?
FRED COUPLES:  They are telling us as we go but they are not leading us into the future.  They told us at 10:30 it was going to fewer for a minute, at noon it was going to pure, but they are not telling us what we are going to do.  I know we are going to be out here early tomorrow morning; that's a given.  It will be another 5:00 bus ride for all 24 guys, so I'm not doing anything.  I can put pairings out with Jay and Davis and let them go play, and they played really, really well.

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