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October 5, 2013

Fred Couples

Nick Price


CHRIS REIMER:テつ We'll get started with our pairings selections for Saturday's four‑ball competition.テつ I'll get started by introducing Steve Carman, our tournament director for The Presidents Cup.
STEVE CARMAN:テつテつ Good morning.テつ International Team has the first selection for the four‑ball matches for this morning.テつ Nick, your choice.
NICK PRICE:テつ Our first match, first pairing, Ernie Els and Brendon de Jonge.
FRED COUPLES:テつ We'll go with Keegan Bradley, Phil Mickelson.
THE STEVE CARMAN:テつ Match 13, Ernie Els, Brendon de Jonge versus Keegan Bradley, Phil Mickelson.テつ Approximate time, 8:33.
Captain Couples, your choice.
FRED COUPLES:テつ We'll go with Steve Stricker and Jordan Spieth.
NICK PRICE:テつ Jason Day and Graham DeLaet.
STEVE CARMAN:テつテつ Match 14, Jason Day, Graham DeLaet versus Steve Stricker and Jordan Spieth.テつ Approximately starting time, 8:47.
Nick Price, your choice.
NICK PRICE:テつ Match 15, we are going to choose Angel Cabrera and Branden Grace.
FRED COUPLES:テつ Bill Haas, Webb Simpson.
STEVE CARMAN:テつテつ Match 15, Angel Cabrera and Branden Grace versus Bill Haas and Webb Simpson.テつ Approximate starting time for Match 15, 9:01.
Captain Couples, your choice.
FRED COUPLES:テつ Brandt Snedeker, Hunter Mahan.
NICK PRICE:テつ Louis Oosthuizen and Charl Schwartzel.
STEVE CARMAN:テつテつ Match 16, Louis Oosthuizen and Charl Schwartzel versus Brandt Snedeker, Hunter Mahan.テつ Match 16, approximate starting time 9:15.
NICK PRICE:テつ Adam Scott and Hideki Matsuyama.
FRED COUPLES:テつ Tiger Woods, Matt Kuchar.
STEVE CARMAN:テつテつ Match 17, Adam Scott, Hideki Matsuyama versus Tiger Woods, Matt Kuchar.テつ Match 17 approximate starting time, 9:29.
CHRIS REIMER:テつ Start just opening with questions.

Q.テつ Can you just talk about not playing Dufner and Zach, especially given how they played on Thursday?
FRED COUPLES:テつ Right, well, you know, we saved them for the alternate‑shot.テつ Obviously the hardest thing is to sit someone, and that's just the choice we made.

Q.テつ What was the reason for you guys deciding to wait until this morning, I mean, I understand waiting until after the matches, but just half an hour after the matches resumed, why did you decide you wanted to wait, first of all.テつ And how much more difficult was this when you have guys playing trying to decide the pairings versus a situation where obviously they have played out and then you've gone ahead and made the pairings.
NICK PRICE:テつ I think there was so much going on last night, I think it was best, I think Fred agreed, that we would do it this morning.テつ We would have been here until probably 9:30,テつ 9:00, 9:30 last night doing those pairings.テつ So I think it was better to do it this morning.
Obviously we are trying to get the guys out first who are well rested and finished their matches yesterday, and that's why I was trying to figure out where the matches were to see who was going to have the most amount of time in the villa just to relax for ten, 15 minutes before going out for the next matches.
FRED COUPLES:テつ Basically the same answer.テつ As soon as these guys were done, we had guys going back to the hotel to get trainers working on them.
We felt like in the best interests with guys out there playing, to tell them, you know, well, you're not going to be playing tomorrow because we've just done the pairings.テつ It just didn't seem right.
And then, you know, there's been a little bit of a flu going around; if someone out there today on the 14th hole or 15th hole tweaked their back and we already made the pairings last night and they already had five or six holes to go, just didn't seem right.テつ Nick and Steve and I agreed and we made a couple calls and that's how we did it.

Q.テつ How much more difficult is it to do it this way than when your guys are all done?
FRED COUPLES:テつ For me, why we stopped for a second was Jordan Spieth and Steve‑‑ Branden and Sterne were making a little mini‑come back.テつ Because if they went to 18, we wanted Jordan and Steve to go, but if they would have missed the putt and gone to 18th, we may have slipped them back.
As Steve was saying earlier, don't worry about the pairings, we can move the tee times to set the matches up.テつ They both made the putts and our team closed them out.テつ For me it was pretty easy.

Q.テつ No different?
NICK PRICE:テつ No, I didn't want the guys to come off a really hard match and go straight to, and basically have 30 minutes.テつ That's why we were trying figure out where the matches were.テつ If Adam and had I deck had closed their match out or if they had won, then I would have put them out because they would have had the most amount of rest, but it's difficult to say.テつ We're all sort of speculating here.

Q.テつ You had the same pairings for the first two sessions, obviously switched up a little bit.テつ Can you go through the thought process with Cabrera and Grace?
NICK PRICE:テつ I felt Angel and Branden would do really well together in best‑ball.テつ They both hit the ball a long way.テつ They are making a lot of birdies, so I felt Marc and Richard Sterne are both very consistent ball‑strikers.テつ They both hit the ball really well and they would be best for‑‑ best suited for alternate‑shot.
I didn't really want to break up any of the other pairings because they have all played so well.テつ And I guess, you know, that hopefully that strategy that we are keeping them all together for the alternate‑shot has put us in a good position.
CHRIS REIMER:テつ Thank you, gentlemen.

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