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October 5, 2013

Scott Jamieson

Paul Lawrie

Chris Wood


Q.  After two narrow defeats, how chuffed to get your first point on the board?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, I said to my caddie walking off the last green, I said, well, at least we've got some points on the board now, 2‑up with two to go.  After Scott hit that into the green there, that second shot, I thought we were ‑‑ inaudible.

Q.  What makes him a good partner other than the shots he hit?
SCOTT JAMIESON:  We were just talking on the way out of the fairway, he didn't miss one all day today.  That's an ideal partner.  If you can be 320 down the middle of most fairways, the game is a bit easier.

Q.  How about the emotions playing foursomes, you go sometimes without hitting a driver or a long putt, how awkward is it?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, we found that early on probably.  Scott is using a different ball, as well.  That comes into it.  But after, you know, six, seven holes, we were away, and good enough players to find our rhythm by then.

Q.  2‑down and three to play, good halve?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Excellent halve.  Both of us dug in there which is what you've got to do.  Match play, foursomes, gives that you option where you can be behind and one bad shot on the team and you can get a hole back.  It was a great effort.  Both of us did well toward the end.

Q.  How do the pressures compare playing in this team format with a point on the line compared to contention in a regular event?
STEPHEN GALLACHER:  It's exactly the same, just like a putt to win the tournament.  It's extreme pressure because you look at the board and you don't want to get beat.  You're trying to hole the putt.

Q.  Talk about the difference emotionally playing foursomes, there's so much more pressure on every shot.
PAUL LAWRIE:  Yeah because obviously you have teammates and you don't want to let people down.  Any bad shot that you hit or a shot off‑line, you kind of feel doubly worse because the guy you're playing with is not only a pal of yours but he's a teammate and you want to kind of do the best for him as much as yourself.
So it's a great event, everyone loves it, everyone loves the atmosphere of it, and kind of you're standing on the last tee there with the butterflies going.

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