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October 5, 2013

Sam Torrance


Q.テつ Your verdict on this morning first.
SAM TORRANCE:テつ Yeah, it was a tough session.テつ They came back well at the end this time, and we didn't.テつ But two points behind, that's okay.テつ We are two points behind after the first session, so now we are still two points behind.テつ We need 3‑1 this afternoon, would be fantastic and then the singles level.テつ Two‑all, I wouldn't take; 3‑1 we need.

Q.テつ So what have you done to shake things up?
SAM TORRANCE:テつ Well, I've put my best pair out again first.テつ Well, come back from Lawrie and Gallacher this morning, 3‑down after eight against those two was very impressive to get back to level.テつ They are absolutely ready for those two this afternoon.テつ I said they are probably going to putt them out first, are you okay with that; absolutely, we want them now.テつ Because they have got the momentum of this morning's match, so that's a good kick‑off for us.
Then Donaldson, Marc Warren again, they were 2‑up early on the back nine, but they have got Thomas and Mikko Ilonen and they have got a tough match but I fancy my boys there.
Chris Wood and Scott Jamieson, good match this morning against Bourdy and Luiten and David Lynn has come in.テつ Unfortunately, poor Simon Khan, he got treatment this morning‑‑ he's not felt great.テつ Went down to the range, second shot, just got a real spasm in his back.テつ He was very honest with me which players have to be, so I have David in with Casey.
He's perfect for foursomes, such a shame.テつ He was very honest, I had to pull him out, and David Lynn is going in there with Paul Casey.テつ I was going to play David Lynn anyway but it would have been somewhere else.テつ Now it's Casey.

Q.テつ Simon said he came to you and because it's a team game‑‑
SAM TORRANCE:テつ You have to be honest, because if he goes out there and sees he's on the third hole and has to pull out‑‑ but he was very honest.
Simon will get more treatment this afternoon and we'll see tomorrow morning.

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