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October 5, 2013

Stephen Gallacher

Paul Lawrie


Q.  You played that opposition three times, got a halve this morning, yesterday they beat you soundly.  How sweet is revenge this afternoon?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Well I'm not so sure it's revenge but it's obviously nice to win a point.  We kind of thought they would go out first again today, was the kind of thinking in the team room.  After getting a heavy defeat the first match against them we wanted to go back up against them so we managed to get a point back and we both played nicely.

Q.  Obviously foursomes is all about relationship, you have to trust your partner.  You two know each other so well; how valuable was that?
STEPHEN GALLACHER:  Yeah, I think it's great, especially new know each other well, get on with your own game and play the same ball.  It was all pretty good.

Q.  Any ideas where you would like today in the order tomorrow?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Anywhere, don't mind really.  There's obviously ten guys and we have all bonded pretty well this week, everyone is going to be out there pulling for each other and we want to win this, so wherever we play, doesn't matter.
STEPHEN GALLACHER:  I'm sure I'll be.

Q.  Your thoughts on that?
STEPHEN GALLACHER:  I'm sure I'll be all right.  Nice to get a break away feature on there actually probably saying that‑‑ (laughter).  No, I mean, ten points up for stake tomorrow, and we've just got to try and see what happens today and then we all go out and try to win our own point.

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