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October 5, 2013

Shanshan Feng

Stacy Lewis


Q.テつ All right.テつ I am now joined by Shanshan Feng and Stacy Lewis.テつ Shanshan leading at 21‑under, Stacy trailing by one shot.テつ Looked like you guys had a lot of fun out there today, playing back and forth.テつ Shanshan, just take us through your round today.テつ You played amazing?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Well, at the beginning I was a little nervous.テつ It started a little slow.テつ I made maybe two birdies at the first six or seven holes, and then when I got to the eighth, I made the long putt and then I started to make more birdies.
And then I saw Stacy was making a lot of birdies, too, so I was like I need to catch up with her and then we just like birdies at the same time, or not at the same time.テつ I think we made 17 birdies together.
STACY LEWIS:テつ Yeah.テつ Yeah.テつ That was great.

Q.テつ Stacy, you got off to a stronger start today, thankfully.テつ You said you were really going to try to get off to a quick start.テつ How important was that today given how well Shanshan played?
STACY LEWIS:テつ Well, it was huge.テつ I knew scores were going to be low, so I couldn't wait like I did yesterday.テつ So got off to a good start early, kind of didn't make anything in the middle, but then finished it out really nice.
And I felt like every time I got close Shanshan would kind of take one more ahead of me.テつ So we just went back and forth ‑‑ it was fun, we went back and forth all day.テつ We made each other make birdies and kind of keep moving forward and separated us a little bit from everyone else.テつ So I expect it to continue tomorrow.

Q.テつ Now, Shanshan mania this week.テつ Everybody is loving Shanshan.テつ Stacy says she wouldn't mind spoiling it a little bit.テつ But talk about going into tomorrow.テつ Everyone is going to be cheering you on.テつ How big will this be tomorrow, you guys battling it out?テつ It's going to be an exciting finish.
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Well, I think my goal earlier this week was just shooting 15‑under, 16‑under.テつ So of course now I'm already past it.テつ So it doesn't matter what my score is.テつ If I just try my best and just to have fun.

Q.テつ Well, awesome job today, you guys.テつ Best of luck tomorrow.テつ Looking forward to an exciting finish.
STACY LEWIS:テつ Thank you.
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Thank you.

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