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October 4, 2013

Nick Price


Q.テつ Just an overview of today's play, Nick.
NICK PRICE:テつ I think there was some incredibly good golf played today, and the first match out, Jason and Graham came up against probably some of the finest golf I've ever seen in alternate‑shot between Keegan Bradley, with Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson, I think they were 9‑under on their own ball which is incredible, but we are up in three matches, and I think if you consider what's happened in the past in alternate‑shot, we are certainly very happy to be in that situation.
However, I'm not ruling out the chances that we may get another halve or a full point somewhere.テつ So if we can tie this thing up at the end of tomorrow morning's play, that would be absolutely perfect for us.テつ But there's a lot of golf left.

Q.テつ Like you said, in foursomes, the International Team has been lacking in success in the past; this has got to be a pretty encouraging day to see your team through this.
NICK PRICE: テつIt is, and I think part of it, the reason why we didn't split the teams up, I think that showed, I think my team and those pairings that I have confidence in their ability, and it's just a pity because I'm going to have to split up some team tomorrow because of the alternate‑shot, and only five matches in the morning, five matches in the afternoon.
But I think we are in for an exciting day's golf tomorrow, I really do.

Q.テつ And what about the weather disruption, not just today, but this whole week.
NICK PRICE:テつ It just makes for such long days, and tomorrow, I hope we don't have any weather delays tomorrow, because everyone is‑‑ I think everybody's sort of getting tired now, and it doesn't matter, you know, how fit these guys are.テつ It's just the mental impact of sitting there and drying everything off and then going back out to a wet golf course.
Let's just hope that we get 48 hours of no rain and we can finish.

Q.テつ From your perspective as a captain, has there been anything that's surprised you, or has the experience been what you expected?
NICK PRICE:テつ Yeah, I think one of the things that‑‑ one of the most important things that I've tried to do is not to over‑captain.テつ I think that these guys are all professional athletes at the peaks of their careers, and these guys don't need, you know, a dressing down or a talking‑to tonight.テつ They don't need that.テつ They need encouragement, and they need support, and that's what I'm there for and that's what Tony and Mark and Shigeki are there for.テつ We are there to support them to help them feel more confident and to have more fun; basically make their lives as easy as possible so they can go play golf.
Obviously we try and do the pairings‑‑ and this has been a team effort.テつ I've said right from the get‑go that I'm a team captain, I'm not the captain of a team.テつ I'm a team captain and there's a big difference.テつ These guys have been so supportive of everything and the decisions that I've made, because I've spoken to them about it.テつ And it's hard, you don't just go to a guy and say, hey, you are sitting out.テつ You go and talk to him and explain why you're sitting him out.
Hopefully tomorrow's going hopefully be a really good day for us.

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