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October 4, 2013

Brendon de Jonge

Ernie Els

Adam Scott


Q.テつ A very long day, how do you describe what went on here?
ADAM SCOTT:テつ Well, it's really unfortunate I think, and it's going to be a long weekend, that's for sure.テつ Time to go rest up.

Q.テつ When you have a break like that and you guys are playing so well, how much of a momentum killer is that?
ADAM SCOTT:テつ Well, you try to let that not happen, and Hideki came out and hit a drive right down the middle and I figured I'd better close and he knocked it in and we were back on it and that was important for us today.

Q.テつ How were conditions different after the delay?
ADAM SCOTT:テつ Just soft as you would expect.テつ But the course has held up fairly well.

Q.テつ Lift, clean and place after the break the right thing to do?
ADAM SCOTT:テつ Absolutely, makes it fair.

Q.テつ How good does it feel to have some form joining this guy who has played pretty good golf for the last couple of days?
ERNIE ELS:テつ He's played great, he's had a great year and he's played himself into this team, and I said to Pricey after playing with Brendon in Boston in the final round and saw the talent in the man, and we are playing now, and he played unbelievable yesterday.テつ He almost took them on by himself.テつ Today we both played quite nicely, and you know, the birdie we made at the start of play this afternoon, you know, that was big, because Hunter made a putt down the hill and Brendon made a putt on top of him.テつ That was probably the key putt.

Q.テつ How much did the golf course change after the rain?テつ
BRENDON DE JONGE:テつ I don't think I don't think it changed quite a bit.テつ Ernie hit two putts right after the rain delay that no doubt would have gone in before the rain.テつ It slowed the greens down and took that roll out of them.

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