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October 4, 2013

Sam Torrance


Q.テつ It looked at one stage like Europe might be increasing their lead, and in the end your boys battled back bravely.テつ Your thoughts?
SAM TORRANCE:テつ Fantastic.テつ The golf that was played was beautiful.テつ Jamie Donaldson was 9‑under on his own, and these two boys there, 3‑down and four to play; Scott Jamieson was 1‑down, two to play; we could easily have lost those two points but we ended up winning one and losing one.テつ Great chances there.テつ A shame for them they didn't make them but it's a great come back and we are only a point behind.

Q.テつ How big in the context of this match could that be?
SAM TORRANCE:テつ It's obviously‑‑ every half‑point is valuable.

Q.テつ Tell us about the way you're thinking foursomes tomorrow.テつ What are you looking for in foursomes pairings what attributes do the players need?
SAM TORRANCE:テつ Four wins.テつ I've pretty much got my mind‑set what I'm going to do with foursomes.テつ Unfortunately I have to leave two players out but that's not going to be easy.テつ We'll make up our minds shortly.

Q.テつ What advice do you offer the rookies that you put into that situation?テつ Foursomes is such a difficult format.
SAM TORRANCE:テつ It's just golf.テつ They just have to go out and play golf.テつ Foursomes is difficult, but only if you let it be difficult.テつ It's actually a very easy game.テつ Both of you playing well, one drives it well, the other one knocks it on the green.テつ Just play good golf.

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