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October 4, 2013

Jose Maria Olazabal

Sam Torrance


JOSテ窶ー MARIA OLAZテδ。AL:テつ Fantastic.テつ Even fighting back like that is a hollow victory for them, even though it's a point, it's still a hollow victory because they knew that these boys can fight.テつ Some of them this morning, they were listening to, they were watching the Empire Strikes Back, and then on the putting green, they had on Braveheart, the speech.テつ That was the boys, fantastic.

Q.テつ And your decision to split up were Scott and Marc worked out well, very both came out winners today?
SAM TORRANCE:テつ Yeah, thank you.テつ Matches came out great again.テつ I kind of thought they would pick Colsaerts and Castaテδアo.テつ But even though they lost, I feel they are the strongest team.テつ I felt that all week.テつ I felt that before we came here.テつ I love both their games and they unite together very well and I put them out first.
And foursomes is totally different.テつ It's totally different from those two, as well.テつ Second hatch, Donaldson, warn, fantastic today.テつ Jamie was 9‑under on his old ball, so that was no question.テつ Chris woods, jot Jamieson is a new one, but a good one I think and Casey and Fleetwood is a new one and I think a cracker.テつ Casey has played fantastic, Fleetwood has played fantastic. テつI think they might just gel beautifully.テつ
Fantastic fight back by the fairways today, Jamie Donaldson, 9‑under on his own ball.テつ Can I couple watching Empire Strikes Back and a couple watching Braveheart.テつ It's amazing, it's an insight into what the golf is today.テつ If I'm ever asked again, do I think they have as much fun on Tour as we did in our day, the answer will be a complete yes.

Q.テつ Paul Casey was saying that he fancied that you want to do this week‑in, week‑out, that you're just reveling in it.
SAM TORRANCE:テつ It's awesome.テつ This is what I'm talking about, that's it there‑‑ you need to ask me the question after that.
I don't know if my heart can take it, it's an absolute joy.テつ Just, they are great.

Q.テつ Could your heart take it if you're watching Scott Jamieson fight back with the birdie putts?
SAM TORRANCE:テつ Golf has a wonderful way of putting you in situations, the way the golfing gods kind of put you under pressure, you have about a 4‑footer on the 8th today, Scott, and he missed it and on 16 he had a 10‑footer it two feet past to just tap it in and missed it David Lynn knocks in a good 4‑footer for the halve.テつ Then of course he gets a 5‑footer on 17, the 5‑footer on the last, just beautiful around the middle of the hole, just fantastic.

Q.テつ So I've got to ask, what is to come, because you have to leave people out, which is probably a hard thing to do?
SAM TORRANCE:テつ It wasn't that hard, because I have a couple, not injured, David Lynn has not been great.テつ He's been very flu‑y and Simon Khan had just a tinge in his back, had to sake some Advil out on the course today.テつ Give them a rest in the morning and see what happens.

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