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October 4, 2013

Simon Khan

Paul Simon


Q.  Sent out first to get some red on the board, done exactly that, how do you feel about your day?
PAUL CASEY:  I feel great about that.  Simon played wonderful shoulders, allowed me to open up the shoulders and gave it a whack.  We played great golf yesterday.  Ran up against the Italian job yesterday, who played stellar stuff and Sam thought we played good enough stuff to send us out first and try to get some momentum.  So hopefully we have done that and encouraged the other guys to win their matches behind us.

Q.  A halve today and win today, how much are you enjoying your first Seve?
PAUL CASEY:  It's been great.  Playing with this man helps.  A lot of experience in previous team events, so that's been good.  Like Paul said, we worked well together, and you know, you played great today Paul, just awesome.
Just back him up sometimes to be steady and make pars.  It was a tougher day, definitely, and that was important, as well, I suppose.  Having the birdie putt to go 2‑up was nice as well, but Paul just played great.

Q.  What are you eating for breakfast?  You're hitting it ridiculous distances.
PAUL CASEY:  I said to Mikko walking off the 15th, it's been a couple of years since I've been healthy; a lot of people have forgotten what it's like when I connect with the golf ball.  It was fun.  There was a lot of 300‑yard plus drives, hit 340 down the 15th, 8‑iron in.  Feeling good, new golf ball, new driver, so that, that and a healthy PC, a lot of distance.
SIMON KHAN:  I like foursomes, as well, so hopefully we'll stay together.

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