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October 4, 2013

Shanshan Feng


THE MODERATOR:テつ I'm now joined by Shanshan Feng, the local star this week who shot 9‑under in the second round, our counter leader.テつ Shanshan, what was the difference between today and yesterday?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Well, I think yesterday I did play under pressure because I wanted to do well, but actually I think the pressure made me like couldn't give it all, and today I was like I'm going to give it all.テつ I mean this is the time.
So I tried my best on every shot.テつ Of course, I did miss a few birdie putts, but I made nine birdies with no bogeys, so I think that was a great round.

Q.テつ Now, you've fully embraced this role here.テつ Obviously this crowd behind you.テつ Have you ever experienced anything like this?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Well, I don't think so.テつ It makes me feel like I'm a star, but I just really appreciate for the fans to come.

Q.テつ Now, a really strong day today.テつ What are you looking forward to to kind of really contain your momentum through the next two rounds?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Well, my goal like early this week I was aiming like maybe 15 or 16‑under.テつ Of course, now I'm 12‑under through two days.テつ But I'm going to just stick to my plan and try my best on the big shots.

Q.テつ Well, awesome job today.テつ Good luck the rest of the way.

Q.テつ Long putts.テつ Anything that stuck out considerably?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Well, I think today my iron shots were pretty good, so I think I totally made nine birdies, right, except for the last hole it was a 2‑putt birdie.テつ And I think I only made ‑‑ I think the longest putt I made was maybe 15 feet.テつ And then I think everything was inside like six or eight feet.テつ So my iron game was really good today.

Q.テつ And you said coming in you were struggling with your putting a little bit?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Well, for sure, early this week, I did.テつ And then we fixed a little bit, fixed my posture a little bit and then I think it helped.
And of course, like last night I went outside to a very famous Beijing duck place.テつ I went with Inbee and So Yeon.テつ We all went together and some Chinese players, too.テつ And we had a great time and I think maybe that was the key.

Q.テつ I meant to tell you, I had duck the other night.テつ So what was the restaurant called?テつ Where was it?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ No commercials.

Q.テつ So it was good.テつ Awesome.テつ And was that the first time you took the girls out to dinner downtown?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ With the parents, too.

Q.テつ The parents all came, too?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Yeah.テつ It was kind of funny.テつ I thought it would be embarrassing because their parents didn't speak Chinese and our parents didn't speak Korean.テつ But actually, once they sat down they were like you want Beijing beer.テつ And they drink it and they are like buddies now.

Q.テつ That's amazing.テつ So your parents are here?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Yes.テつ They are here.

Q.テつ And So Yeon?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ So Yeon's mom and Inbee's dad.

Q.テつ Oh, my gosh.テつ That's one big happy family.テつ That's amazing.テつ All right.テつ And who did you play with?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Today.テつ Mo.テつ I played with Mo and Aza.

Q.テつ And you like the big crowds, you like playing in front of a lot of people?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Yeah, I do.テつ I really enjoy it.テつ I got so excited because once I hit the shot they were like, oh, good shot and once I make a birdie, nice birdie.テつ So I think that was why I kept making birdies because I wanted to hear that again.

Q.テつ Yeah.テつ I would too.テつ How crazy do you think this place will get the next couple days?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Well, I don't know.テつ I think since I'm playing not bad, then maybe it will be more people.

Q.テつ You're being humble.テつ All right.テつ Cool.テつ That's all I needed.テつ Awesome job.テつ Thanks, Shanshan.
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Thank you.

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