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October 3, 2013

Mikko Ilonen

Thorbjorn Olesen


Q.テつ Your first match in Seve Trophy ended in a win, tell us how good that feels.
THORBJテν彝N OLESEN:テつ Oh, it feels great.テつ Mikko played some great golf, especially the first 15 holes, hit a couple of bad shots coming in, but he played some really good golf.テつ We made the birdies on the right time.

Q.テつ Four matches in Seve Trophy, because you played back in 2007, still unbeaten, what's the secret?
MIKKO ILONEN:テつ I used to be a very good match player I think in my amateur times.テつ It's a shame that I haven't had a chance to play more match play as a professional.テつ But it's a good week to play match play now and hopefully we can play more next year.

Q.テつ When you're coming down the last few holes and it's getting very tight like it was, how much pressure do you feel?
THORBJテν彝N OLESEN:テつ Yeah, it's a different kind of pressure than we normally have.テつ You play for the team here and you want to win for the team.テつ We made a couple of bad shots and put ourselves under pressure.テつ Lucky enough, we finished it off and won.

Q.テつ More golf tomorrow, the same format?テつ Fancy this fellow as a partner again?
MIKKO ILONEN:テつ I'll take Thorbjテδクrn; I'll take any guy on the team out of the ten guys.テつ Hopefully we play together again.
THORBJテν彝N OLESEN:テつ I didn't play my best coming into this week, so I wanted to prove a point that I'm a good match player and win matches here, and got a great partner, and we supplied very good today.テつ Made some great putts, also.テつ It was just a great day and we had a lot of fun out there.

Q.テつ And you worked well together, you weighed in on a nice purple patch, didn't you?
THORBJテν彝N OLESEN:テつ Yeah, we both had some birdie streams out there and that was nice.テつ It was just a great day, and we got to 18, Chris had a great second shot, missed the putt, so not too good, a bit of luck in the end.テつ It's nice to finish it off.

Q.テつ That little bit of tension when it comes down the last hole, isn't it?
THORBJテν彝N OLESEN: テつIt is, especially in match play.テつ It's a different kind of pace we have here.テつ You're playing as a team and you want to win for your teammates.

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