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October 3, 2013

Louis Oosthuizen

Charl Schwartzel


Q.  What was the importance of that break for you, the weather delay?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  After we went through six holes, looked up at the board and there was all six were red.  You know, something needed to happen.  We were playing well and Phil was just playing better.  We managed to make birdie on 8 and 9 to get it back to all‑square, and then obviously the delay came.  But I think for the whole team, it was just sort of a breather to get back and settle down, and then to go back and fire.  It seemed to work for us.

Q.  What did Captain Nick Price say during the break to ease the nerves?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  It's more what we say to each other, how is it going, chins up.  I think we will take that today, after it was looking really bad for us, and Steve hit an unbelievable shot on 18.  It's good.  I think we are very happy the position we are now.

Q.  What does your point and the momentum do by your team moving forward?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  Yeah, I mean, it's huge.  Every point we can find out there is going to be very crucial.  I think the guys are really up for it, and at least getting some points now just shows the guys that we are capable and just a little bit of self‑belief.  It's really close.  Tomorrow is going to be a big game for us with the foursomes.
There might be a little bit of shuffling around with the pairings and stuff, and you know, if we can come out tomorrow and get‑‑ even if it's a 3‑all, that would be big for us, just keep us going, because in the past, we've fallen a long way behind from the start.  I think that's really a positive this time around.

Q.  The wigs came out on the range and on the first tee; do we see them on Friday?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  No, I think it was just to get everyone's nerves a bit settled.  It was just a fun thing we wanted to do, and I think we'll keep our hair.

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