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October 3, 2013

Jordan Spieth

Steve Stricker


Q.テつ What was that shot like?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ It was a little nerve‑wracking, the whole couple of holes.テつ I was telling Jordan going down 17, let's finish it right here, we don't want to go to 18.テつ You never know what can happen, and I didn't hit a very good iron shot, and made a good up‑and‑down to finish it off.

Q.テつ How would you describe your first‑ever experience in a Presidents Cup?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ What a match.テつ I think we had 14 birdies between the two of us.テつ They had, what, 13?テつ It was incredible.テつ You don't want anybody else to have to get that up‑and‑down other than Steve Stricker, so, God, what a match.テつ It was incredible, the vibe out here, the USA chants, looking forward to tomorrow.

Q.テつ Steve, Jordan, what an incredible match but first off, Steve, walk us through that bunker shot and up‑and‑down on the final hole.
STEVE STRICKER:テつ I had not such a good lie but I had things in my favor, I had an uphill lie and went straight in the air and came up perfectly I guess.テつ It was a tough match all the way around.テつ Both teams played well.テつ Hate to see somebody lose in that end of it all, but we had a great time.テつ It was good to get this guy out there, get this first point as a rookie, so it was all good.

Q.テつ Describe your first time playing for the United States on The Presidents Cup.
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ Couldn't have been any getter.テつ Got off to a slow start and Steve came up to me and said, when are you finally going to start playing.テつ He took care of me at the end, and all in all it was a match you hate to see somebody lose but couldn't have been happier that he got that up‑and‑down.

Q.テつ Five birdies in your first eight holes, but big was that?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ It's always important to get off to a good start and I knew what kind of nerves Jordan was going to be dealing with.テつ I was in a similar spot a few years ago‑‑ long time ago but it's a tough situation, and I thought the pressure was on me to come out and play well, and try to make things easy for him, knowing what he was going to be facing throughout the day.
So it was good that we got off to a good start.テつ I think the delay helped us both.テつ I think it helped Jordan here kind of regroup a little bit and same with me.テつ It was important for us to get away I think and maintain that lead and we came out strong after the break, too.テつ So it was a good start.テつ A lot of pressure shots coming down to the end, but we were able to prevail.

Q.テつ We've talked about this moment for a couple weeks now.テつ What was it like standing on that first tee representing the red, white and blue on this stage?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ It's amazing.テつ It's something that hard to describe.テつ When they announce you from the United States of America and you realize that it's the Presidents Cup, and you're standing next to guys like Steve and the best players in the world, it's a feeling that gives me chills now just to talk about, but I was feeling it on the first tee, and we got off to a really good start, so made things a little easier.

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