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October 3, 2013

Jason Dufner

Zach Johnson


Q.テつ You played pretty well, you had to feel good going into this match, you've both had a great year, how did it go out there for you?
JASON DUFNER:テつ It went pretty well.テつ We ham‑and‑egged it pretty good.テつ Zach made some birdies early and saved a couple pars when we needed them, and 14 was pretty key.

Q.テつ Earlier in the week, you had a touch of the flu, how did it feel out there for you today?
ZACH JOHNSON:テつ I was a little concerned coming into it.テつ This morning, my legs‑‑ you know, I played 18 holes yesterday and just trying to get the feelings back and kind of get some energy.テつ I've been drinking a lot of fluids.テつ The team is taking good care of me, doctors and what have you.テつ I think adrenaline and energy is not a hard thing to find in this event, so come the first tee, I felt‑‑ once I hit my tee shot down the fairway on 1, I felt great.

Q.テつ Was it as easy as it seemed out there?テつ Solid golf today.
JASON DUFNER:テつ Yeah, we played pretty good.テつ There was a couple points in the match where we had to hole some critical par putts and they were in the hole with par and could have swung the match, but we were able to ham‑and‑egged it pretty good and sometimes that's what you need to do in these.

Q.テつ Beware of the sick golfer, how we doing?
ZACH JOHNSON:テつ I feel fine, getting back to where I should be.テつ Getting my legs underneath me.テつ I have to be honest with you, granted, Duf played great, we ham‑and‑egged it, and we gave each other a lot of two‑look putts for birdies and then he made some nice saves for pars on the par3s.
So having him on my side and just playing 14 1/2, 15 holes isn't going to hurt me come the rest of the week.

Q.テつ When you're sick like that, how important are your legs?テつ It's a long walk out here.テつ It's tough.
ZACH JOHNSON:テつ I got here Tuesday and I just felt the energy already.テつ I wanted to go play.テつ Fortunately my team, specifically Damon, my wife, the captains said, you know, you've seen it; you don't need to see it again right now.テつ Aside from the 18 tee box, there's not any changes, just rest.テつ Ride the coattails of the Duf, that's not hard to do.

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