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October 2, 2013

Jie Zheng


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in English, please.

Q.テつ Can you comment on the enormous amount of fan support you received at each match and how that affects your play?
JIE ZHENG:テつ (Translated from Chinese)テつ I think we are very aggressive on the court today.テつ In US Open we lost to this opponent, so we have a very good understanding of them; therefore, we were fully prepared.
The very crucial points we had better control, and although the points are very close, I think we had good play today.

Q.テつ One of your opponents, Barty, is only 17 years old.テつ Can you comment about her ability at such a young age.
JIE ZHENG:テつ Yes.テつ Actually, they were very much young.テつ I even can't remember what I was doing when I was still 17 years old.テつ Can't imagine that a young partner can have such a good performance like this.
I think there is very much potential.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Chinese questions, please.

Q.テつ I remember that US Open semifinals they beat you easily.テつ What kind of problem you have addressed to win this game today?
JIE ZHENG:テつ Actually when we participated in the US Open, when we played that match, I have to be honest, I had really bad performance at that time.テつ Therefore, today I told my partner today that I will definitely play better than what I was in US Open.
For today's match, actually we were fully prepared in terms of tactics, because the US Open, that's the first time we played them.テつ Also, my opponent has a very flat stroke.テつ They have a lot of topspin balls, which was beyond my preparation.
Today we were fully prepared.テつ Yesterday we had a lot of practice, including net play, approach, and so it turned out to be very effective today.
Anyway, we made it eventually.

Q.テつ When you partnered with Yan Zi and then you partnered with Yung‑Jan Chan, what made the largest difference?
JIE ZHENG:テつ I think there are some differences, but to be frank, the difference is not that big.テつ First of all, it's because of me.テつ Because when I was cooperating with Yan Zi I was sitting at the back of the court; when I partnered with Yung‑Jan Chan, I stand to the forward area.
Also, two years ago we had a long time partnership once, so we are so familiar with each other.

Q.テつ This year is the ten year anniversary of the China Open.テつ For you, what does it mean for you in such a tournament?
JIE ZHENG:テつ For me, I think it has already given me a lot of opportunities.テつ Ten years ago our ranking is not that high.テつ Seldom do we have the opportunity to straightforwardly play with the top level players.テつ Also, we have to go through the qualifying.
For local tournaments like this one we are given the wildcard, which give us a very good opportunity to play with the top level players.
This has tremendously improved the development of Chinese tennis.テつ And most importantly this year, I think we have more spectators that ever before in the past ten years.テつ Everybody is looking for tickets.テつ Unfortunately, there are no tickets left.
I am very glad to see such a big change occur in the past ten years.
Thank you.

Q.テつ Su‑Wei Hseih and Shuai Peng are confirmed to play in the WTA Championships.テつ What may be the difference between the WTA final and the other tournaments?
JIE ZHENG:テつ You mean do I have to share my feeling with them?テつ I think in 2006 I partner with Yan Zi to participate in the WTA Championships.
Actually, we are not that appropriate.テつ At that time, there were only four pairs of women's doubles.テつ For press, media or spectators, there are a lot of people surrounding you.テつ You have a lot of pressure.
I personally believe that to participate in the WTA Championships it's a recognition of your performance in the past season.
Also, this year we have both singles and doubles from China to be recruited into the WTA Championships.テつ I think that's good news.

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