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October 2, 2013

Hideki Matsuyama


Q.テつ What are your thoughts on playing with Adam?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ I'm really thrilled to be able to be paired with Adam, No.2 in the world, looking forward to playing with him tomorrow and this week.

Q.テつ What is your general impression of the course and the event, and also how is it playing with Adam Scott?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ I'm honored to be able to play in The Presidents Cup.テつ I'm very happy to be able to play on this difficult golf course, Muirfield Village, designed by Jack Nicklaus.テつ Playing with Adam Scott is a dream come true, looking forward to playing with him and hopefully we do well.

Q.テつ Have you played together practice rounds‑‑
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ We've played the last two rounds, last two days, practice rounds together.テつ We've done pretty well.テつ We've ham‑and‑egged it pretty good.テつ Hopefully, you never know, we just have to do our best tomorrow and hopefully all goes well.

Q.テつ How do you feel about playing against Webb Simpson and Bill Haas tomorrow?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ I've been lucky enough to play with them these last couple of months.テつ A couple of tournaments I played with both Bill and Webb.テつ It's going to be a good match tomorrow.

Q.テつ Have you played in best‑ball or in these formats and have your teammates helped you adjust?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ No, this is the first time four‑ball, and alternating shot, and as a pro‑‑ as an amateur, I did play.テつ Had some experience in it.テつ But as far as advice from the other players, everybody is kind of letting us go on our own.テつ We are just‑‑ we all have played well this year and are part of the team, and again, we'll just try to do our best.

Q.テつ Inaudible?
HUNTER MAHAN:テつ I'm both; I'm both nervous and happy to be here.テつ Right now, probably the nervousness is winning out.テつ But hopefully tomorrow as a member of the team, I can hold up my end of the bargain and play well to make my teammates proud.

Q.テつ Is this week's experience going to help you in the coming season on the PGA TOUR?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ Well, I hope so.

Q.テつ Is captain Nick Price giving you some advice?テつ Has he talked to you?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ Yeah, he's been there for us, and he's been with all the teammates, watched us play.テつ He's just really letting us go on our own.
He's been a great help to us, especially me this week.

Q.テつ Has communication been easy?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ Yeah, with Nova (ph) by my side, and he's so jovial and he knows everyone and he's really been able to introduce me to a lot of the different teammates, and has been a great help to me this week.

Q.テつ You're the youngest member of The Presidents Cup team, the International Team; how is it going to go?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ I'm not sure.

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