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October 2, 2013

Adam Scott


Q.  Talk about being paired with Hideki and against Webb Simpson and Bill Haas.
ADAM SCOTT:  It doesn't really matter who I was going to play.  We are playing against 12 really strong guys, and no matter which way they pair them.  I expect every match I play this week to be a very tough match and good golf is the only way I'm going to win it.
So I'm excited to play with Hideki.  I think he's going to be a great partner.  He seems to hit every fairway and every green, so I'll have that to rely on.  Other than that, I think it's going to be a really fun week on a venue we are all really familiar with.

Q.  Could you shed light, you've played with him the last two days, give us a little insight on him, maybe not just as a golfer, but a person so far?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, I think obviously his record at a young age is already speaking for itself.  Coming out of Japan, he's won six times at least there.  He's performed in the big events this year when he's left Japan.
And at 21, he's pretty much all business at this point.  I can see he works really hard at his game, and I think he's nervous and excited for this week.  I think it's a real step up for guys like him and Jordan Spieth to all of a sudden be put in this environment at a young age.  It's tough to handle, but they have both got the credentials to do it.
.  So I'm looking forward to playing with Hideki.  You know, I think he's fit in pretty well in the team room this week.  We've kept everything very loose.  That's been Nick's idea is if you're not in shorts and a t‑shirt, then you're overdressed, and I think that's worked well for everyone.

Q.  You were kind of outspoken a little bit, that it needs to be more competitive; how much more pressure is there on your side to do that?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I feel it's really important for the internationals to get a win.  We need to make this thing really relevant, make it a real competition, because it's got a bit lopsided the last few outings.  I think we've got a team that can win this week, but the only way we can do it is by playing good and wanting it more than the Americans.
I think the last few days has been about building our spirit and our feeling to that point where we want to get out there tomorrow and want it badly.

Q.  What's the mood been like compared to the other teams you've been on?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, like I said, I think it's been very relaxed.  Pricey is a very relaxed guy, and he's definitely not stressing us, that's for sure.  But I think the mood's good.  There are seven guys who have never been here before and they are extremely excited and I think we can feel that and we are using some of their enthusiasm and excitement for team morale and everything and make sure we show them a good time.

Q.  Is there that determination‑‑
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I think everyone's determined.  I think the guys who have not been here want to start on the right foot, and the guys who have played in several, two, or all of them, almost like Ernie, want to turn this around and get a win.  And so I think everyone's coming in very determined to put ourselves in front and try and win as many sessions as we can.

Q.  Have you found yourself being more vocal than you might have been the previous times?
ADAM SCOTT:  Not really.  Not this year.  I thought I was fairly vocal a couple years ago and it didn't work very good.  So I thought I would shut up this time around and let Nick and the assistants do their job.  I feel we've got a great team.  The guys on it have earned their way on it and all have their own resolves, and I don't think anyone needs my words of wisdom.  I think they have got their own games figured out.  There's no secrets.  It's just about playing good golf.
So get yourself ready however you've got to do that and I think we'll be in good shape.

Q.  Is there any difficulty with the language barrier with you and Hideki or is it the international language of golf?
ADAM SCOTT:  Good shot is the international language.  Everyone understands that.  And he's playing great.  He's confident; I can see that.  I'm sure he's going to be a little bit nervous, but you know, when he hits his first one down the middle tomorrow, he'll be fine after that.
You know, we are playing a better‑ball; it's about going out there and playing as well as you can, and I don't think there's anything going to stop us with language doing that.

Q.  Just back to everyone being for the of fired up and whatever.  In team sports generally there's a lot of rah‑rah and aggression with pump‑up speeches.  Is there any of that in this?  Is there any of that?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I think there have been a couple messages come through from Nick like that, and Ernie spoke a couple times to us.  You know, he's obviously a natural leader of this team with so many Southern Africans on the team and everyone looking up to him anyway.
You know, I think Ernie has been great this week.  We are all fired up.  There's only so much rah‑rah you can do, because you can't tackle them on the first tee (laughter).  We have to stay a little bit calm and get the ball in play.  But I'm looking forward to the whole week.  It's going to be a lot of fun and I feel really optimistic about what we can do this week.

Q.  Feel different being a major champion then in than previous Cups?
ADAM SCOTT:  I don't know, I seem to get plenty of grief from everyone, so that hasn't changed‑‑ anything they can throw at me.  You know, Richard Sterne wearing me out today.  Nine holes with him was enough (laughs).

Q.  He says he's the most intelligent of Southern Africans.
ADAM SCOTT:  Of course he is, yeah.  I'd expect that from him.

Q.  Did you ask for Hideki or how did that partnership come about or did Nick ask you?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, Nick asked us all who we would like to play with, and I really feel I'm happy to play with anyone.  So I was trying to make a choice easy for Nick really.  But I think I'm the only guy who has really played any golf with Hideki, and I played a couple practice rounds with him this year.
So we had some kind of knowledge of each other's game ‑‑ and hey, I'm more than happy to play with a guy who has won three times and performing the way he is.
So I think it's a strong pairing, and we've got‑‑ I think we are expecting to win points together.

Q.  You have been learning some Japanese, too, right?
ADAM SCOTT:  Me?  Just 'good shot'.  'Nice one'; 'good shot' (speaking in Japanese accent) (laughter).

Q.  The change to away from alternate‑shot on the first day, do you think that is going to help, because in the past, they seem to always win that day, and then you're always chasing.
ADAM SCOTT:  I think just looking at stats and off past results, we have always been on the back foot after day one, and momentum is a big thing.  If we are on the back foot tomorrow, then it's not going to help us at all.  We need to go out and win the session, and I think that's going to be our goal for every day.  And if we can get a little momentum going, then I really believe we can win this thing.  I love the fact our whole team is 12 ball‑strikers.  Everyone really hits the ball well, and if we get enough of us playing well, then we are going to be tough to beat.

Q.  Do you think this is the biggest ‑‑ in terms of‑‑ inaudible.
ADAM SCOTT:  It may in the end.  I mean, I understand that and how it looks on paper.  It's hard to write off guys who are the Top 60 in the world, because on any given day, anyone can beat anyone and we've seen that a million times, especially in 18‑hole match play.  Yeah, I see how that looks.  I also see seven guys here for the first time pumped up and ready to go, and I think that's giving me a great feeling about a new experience in The Presidents Cup after having a run of really, some big defeats.  The atmosphere in our room is great this year.

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