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October 1, 2013

Di Wu


5‑7, 7‑6, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in Chinese.

Q.テつ Actually, you have a very good performance today.テつ The only break point is the crucial point that you lose the whole match. テつHow do you rate your the performance in this match?
DI WU:テつ To be honest, I didn't expect that I would have such a long set with him.テつ Actually, in the third set I lost a little bit of stability and confidence to win.
At that time, I have more double faults.テつ And also today for the very crucial two points, I don't have a very good and stable serve.
For his service I don't have any chance.テつ But when I started to serve, I have more chance.テつ The information the coach provided me is I would have no chance in service, so probably that's a point why I lose the game today.

Q.テつ When we talk about the serve, actually for the second set, for tiebreak, when you're taking the lead, you have a double fault.テつ Is that because you have some psychological ups and downs?
DI WU:テつ Actually, I didn't expect victory at all.テつ It's a very good opportunity and challenge as well.
If I can make a big breakthrough, that's good news.テつ However, I lost in that game, which is a very important lesson for my future professional career.

Q.テつ I know that in China we have China Open and Shanghai Masters which provide the male players in China with more opportunities to get involved in the important tournaments.テつ Besides giving you opportunities, do you think they have brought us a lot of hopes?
DI WU:テつ Actually they have given us a lot of opportunities where we can play the match with the top level players in the world.
Our ranking was a below 200.テつ We have a huge gap with those top level players.テつ Although we are very close in terms of points, I know clearly we have a long way to go before we can catch up to them.

Q.テつ (Question off mic.)
DI WU:テつ Yes, the support from the fans on the court really give me a lot of support for every single point.テつ I really want to win.テつ That's why I really have a very good performance today.

Q.テつ Today I noticed that you have a very good performance.テつ Your fitness prior to the game today is really good.テつ Your coach said that you don't have any chance to win today's game.テつ What kind of plan you have in the future besides the normal training and practice?
DI WU:テつ Actually, the goal set by my coach in the past two weeks is that he expect me to push.テつ He's supposed to push me to fight against those top level players.
I am getting more and more mature than ever before, so I will try to be psychologically tranquil to be ready for every single match.
After this week, I will go to Shanghai to play the Shanghai Masters, and also I have more tournament waiting for me ahead.

Q.テつ Psychologically you're ready?テつ You have a long way to go before you will catch up with Isner, he said.テつ So for the gap that you had with those top level players, how much are you supposed to narrow through every single match you play?
DI WU:テつ Actually, last night I consulted with a lot of (indiscernible) of Isner.テつ Actually, for every single player that he play before, the points are very much close.テつ That's very important confidence for me.
Although I don't have a very good performance in the service, I'm very confident in my baseline game.テつ Today, to be honest, my performance is much better than I expected.
Unfortunately, I think I'm not that experienced compared with him.

Q.テつ I want to ask, are you working with Lu for men's doubles?テつ Where did you come up with the idea to partner with him?
DI WU:テつ Actually, we sent a short message to each other before.テつ He's a very excellent player, and also he's a big brother for me.
First of all, he proposed this idea.テつ I'm very much willing to have it, so that's why I started to have application for the wildcard for the national team, and I got support.
Although I lost this game, I think this is a very precious opportunity for me.テつ Thank you.

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