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October 1, 2013

Su-Wei Hsieh


THE MODERATOR:  Questions.

Q.  There was a lot of great net play today, but there were a lot of points lost at the baseline.  Which do you think is more difficult to play, the net or the baseline?
SU‑WEI HSIEH:  Well, I would think is always my partnermaking the winner shot.  I don't have any problem about me winning or losing point, because everything is about my partner.  She always try to winning all the points, so I just waiting there waiting there, and maybe I win points.
She get easy, you know.

Q.  You guys won at Wimbledon this year.  I'm wondering if you think you'll win here, too.
SU‑WEI HSIEH:  Well, Peng always doing great job in doubles.  She's helping me a lot.  We try to win every match.  We don't thinking too much.  Our goal is to get into Istanbul first and try to win everything.
THE MODERATOR:  Chinese questions.

Q.  How long do you have to go before you qualify for Istanbul?  Peng mentioned yesterday you separated from each other before and combined again.  What brings you together to win?
SU‑WEI HSIEH:  I think we're very much close to the ending time for the WTA finals.  We are trying to win a lot of matches before the WTA finals.
We don't have too much time to practice with each other, that's why we don't have too much specific tactics.
You know, previously we have the Asian Games, and that's why we have to separate from each other.  That's why we don't have too much cooperation during the practice.
Anyway, we're still very much willing to cooperate with each other.

Q.  My question is a follow up to my first question:  This time you have been cooperating with each other for a long time and you have really made a lot of changes.  You don't separate from each other because of the disagreement?
SU‑WEI HSIEH:  Actually, we're very much close friends.  We don't expect the performance on the court to influence our cooperation.  I told you earlier the reason we separated for a while is because he have we have to for the Asian game.

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