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September 30, 2013

Ze Zhang


B. TOMIC/Z. Zhang
7‑6, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English.

Q.  You had a really nice run last year at this tournament and a lot of high expectations.  Did you feel the pressure of those today in this match?
ZE ZHANG:  (Translated from Chinese)  To be frank, I don't think my performance here today is not that good.  I think I really give my best.  Thank you.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions in Chinese.

Q.  When I interview you in beginning of this year, you said that your physical condition is in the process of recovering.  Is it getting better?
ZE ZHANG:  I think it's physically good.  When I'm participating to the national game, I have several days off and then I prepare for US Open and other tournaments in Europe.
So basically my physical condition now is pretty good.

Q.  You have played Tomic many, many times.  Which part of his game gives you trouble?
ZE ZHANG:  I think, yes, we were playing juniors matches before.  When Tomic was a junior he was sometimes sloppy and he gave many free points.  Now he has grown a lot and he is more serious on every single point when he plays, so not that many free points.

Q.  Last year in China Open press conference you said that difference between you and the top players is serving and receiving the serve.  Do you think you have made some progress?
ZE ZHANG:  Last year when win a game I think my performance is getting better and better and also my confidence is getting larger and larger, so the gap with those top level players is narrowed somewhat.
Actually the main reason why I lost today is I don't do well on my serve.  I double fault on some critical points.  If I could better handle the serve a little bit better, I would have more chance to win.  Unfortunately, I didn't.

Q.  Actually, next week in Shanghai Masters you're going to work together with Federer in double.  How is the story coming out and how did you contact Federer?
ZE ZHANG:  Actually, before that we play Challengers Cup in‑‑ actually, when I prepare for Shanghai ATP Masters they have told me I might have the chance to work together with Federer, which is very much unexpected for me.
To be frank, I don't have a very detailed understanding of that.  I was given the information all of a sudden.

Q.  Do you have any expectations for this combination with Federer?
ZE ZHANG:  Of course I do have a lot of expectation, because I know Federer is a top player.  I also do have a lot of pressure as well.  This is a very good opportunity for me to learn from Federer.  I will try too communicate with him in order to give the spectator a very good performance.

Q.  Last year in China Open you have a very good performance.  One very important reason is that your coach Perry has already given you a lot of very good strategy.  Perry started to coach Shuai Peng this year.  I want to understand why you didn't continue with Perry.
ZE ZHANG:  Actually, because my contract and cooperation with Perry has been terminated.  So with regard to what kind of communication going on, that's beyond my knowledge.
This year I cooperated with American coach, which give me a lot of instructions in terms of specific tactics and skills.
And this year, when I play the match, I'm more aggressive.  I think because for American, they play the game more aggressively.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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