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September 29, 2013

Tom Lewis


Q.テつ Your thoughts on a lovely finish to this championship?
TOM LEWIS:テつ Yeah, I played well all week like I said earlier.テつ Just a shame a couple more putts can't go in, and I messed a couple holes up yesterday at Carnoustie.
Yesterday, for instance, I was playing so well, I didn't think anything could go wrong.テつ Today was nice to have kept a clean sheet, no bogeys, and it was really important because I kind of expected to drop a couple.テつ I knew the wind was up and I knew that maybe I would get a little tight with a dropped shot, but it was nice to hole that putt on the last and have a good chance.

Q.テつ You got the sense of momentum building and knowing your position on the board?
TOM LEWIS: テつYeah, I kind of knew where I was.テつ I kept looking at the board, I think it's important that I know where I am, and I know what I need to do.テつ It's good for me going forward.テつ If I get scared of the leaderboard, then it's not going to be good for my future and I wasn't scared today.
I know that if I can ever get a chance to win, I'll always try to take it.テつ It's a shame that earlier in the year I haven't been able to take any chances or put myself up there after good first rounds.テつ It's nice to have four rounds of good scores in one event around three courses that really suit me.

Q.テつ Scores like that suggest you didn't have any problems but the wind is trickier.
TOM LEWIS:テつ Yeah, the wind is tricky, especially coming in.テつ I think a lot of guys have scored well on the front nine and coming downwind off the right and getting away from bunkers, and whereas now, coming back into the breeze, sort of pushing it out‑of‑bounds, pushing it towards the heather and the bushes, I think it's going to be tough for guys especially under pressure.

Q.テつ Which means you still fancy you have a chance?テつ What's your gut feeling?
TOM LEWIS:テつ I reckon I'm one short, but nevertheless, you never know.

Q.テつ Come what may, it's lovely money, it's done the job, hasn't it?
TOM LEWIS:テつ I think so, I haven't looked at it.テつ It's a great week and it's my best week of the year and hopefully I can go forward from here.

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