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September 29, 2013

Thomas Levet


THOMAS LEVET:テつ The drive on 14 was the end of my tournament.テつ Hit a little on the neck and bounced on the fairway and jumped over the wall.テつ Just the rest, it was very difficult, the back nine.テつ I knew it was going to be difficult.テつ Left‑to‑right on the back nine, you have monster second shots, and it's tough to get it next to the pins.
I had a really great start, the best start you can have, 3‑wood, wedge, ten feet, make the putt, five in a row like this.テつ I made very nice putts on 10 and 11 for birdies, too, to go to 7‑under at the time and I thought I had a chance now, 23‑under par.
The problem is I didn't get very lucky on 12.テつ I had two good shots and hit the bank and came back and 3‑putted.テつ And that drive on 14 cost me two shots, and that was it basically.
And 17, four or five was good, and so I was not too disappointed with that.テつ I just needed a little booster on the back nine to make it happen, and I didn't have it today.

Q. テつAfter that wonderful round at Carnoustie and this tremendous start, you must be so excited?
THOMAS LEVET:テつ Yeah, first Top‑10 of the year for me, as well.テつ It's nice.テつ But I hope we are going to win the Pro‑Am with my partner.テつ I missed that putt on the last ten feet; if I made it, probably we would have the trophy.テつ But it was funny to see his face.テつ He was panicking all day, and it's his birthday today, so I hope we make the trophy.

Q.テつ That's a tremendous element to this championship, I know it means for long rounds pretty much in the cold today but it's still nice.
THOMAS LEVET:テつ Yeah, it's a nice atmosphere.テつ It's a little too long to play because the holes are very close, and with the amateurs, they are not that precise with the second shots, and so they have to take margins, basically, margins for error that we don't do in the pro tournaments.
But it was fun to see that they see the side of our game and they see what's going on in the pro's mind.テつ One guy yesterday 3‑putted the ninth to miss the cut by one.テつ If I had to shoot myself in the foot every time I missed a putt by one shot, I think I would be full of holes, so they understand that.テつ They get a touch a little bit of what we live every day and that's what this tournament is all about.

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