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September 29, 2013

Tommy Fleetwood


TOMMY FLEETWOOD:テつ It's obviously a brilliant week.テつ If you'd have give me fifth before I came, I would have took it, especially with 21‑under, best score I've shot for four rounds.テつ You keep putting personal bests out there, you've got to be happy.
Today, especially the last six holes, I had a lot of chances.テつ Just couldn't seem to get one.テつ I really wanted to give myself a chance with a putt on the last.テつ Disappointed but I've got to be happy.

Q.テつ The three birds in a row to start the back nine, you sensed a chance?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:テつ Yeah, I was still behind obviously and I was still chasing and then you've got the tough holes to come.テつ Coming in, I couldn't have hit it any better‑‑ and like I said, maybe I started trying too hard on the putts but I just couldn't seem to get one to drop.テつ It is frustrating and you've got to keep going, but that's the way it is, that's golf and I'm sure that I'll have a day where they do drop.

Q.テつ How much more difficult has the back nine in particular been with the breeze today?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:テつ Yeah, today it was a little more across.テつ So when we played on Thursday, it was tougher because it was straight into.テつ But still, the holes are playing so long, and it's obviously a big comparison to the front nine where you can drive a couple of the greens like 370 yards.テつ It is a big change, and you really have to strike it well on the back nine.テつ You have to hit good shots.テつ You have to really play well to shoot a decent score on the back nine.
Like I say I'm disappointed with 3‑under on the back nine and just shows how good I've got to hit it.

Q.テつ I know we have to digest this one first, but there's a nice one on the horizon for you.テつ Looking forward to Seve Trophy?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:テつ Yeah, I can't wait.テつ It's been a long time since I played match play in any event, and obviously it's a massive achievement to get into that Seve Trophy.テつ There's a lot of great players.
Looking forward to it. テつIt's a nice little bonus to the year, and yeah, I can't wait.

Q.テつ You've got a good team, GB&I?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:テつ Yeah, a lot of good players, plenty of good players.テつ I'm sure we have a good chance, just as Europe have.テつ It would be great and match play it's a different format that we very rarely get to play but hopefully I can put in a good performance.

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