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June 6, 2003

David Duval


TODD BUDNICK: I'd like to thank David Duval for stopping in after his 9 under, 62, new course record. Let's talk about the great start.

DAVID DUVAL: I just played well today. I feel like I felt some of the fruits of my labors over the last many months. I kept it together, executed throughout the entire round, rather than have the lapses that I had in the past for several months. And that's about all. I had a good day. I don't feel like I played a whole lot better than I did yesterday, a little sharper, however today I made a few putts that I didn't make yesterday. And just really kind of kept things going.

TODD BUDNICK: Is this surprising to you given the conditions, today it was a little easier, but also it was breezy. But is it surprising to you that you could go as low with the condition or is it just the way you played.

DAVID DUVAL: No, I'm a lucky golfer in the sense that I knew up in a household with a father -- maybe it wasn't with the hardest golf course in the world, but I learned how to shoot low scores. And it's not something that I'm afraid of. The thing I have to temper when things are going well with me, is sometimes you can back down a little bit, back off, and not get overly aggressive. Because I get that much more aggressive, when I get to 6-, 7-, 8-under. So I'm lucky that way. I found the real key. It's the real key to build my success on.

Q. From a ball-striking perspective, where does this rank to maybe the last round at the Hope?

DAVID DUVAL: I don't know, in the top 10 percent, maybe in the top-25. I think if I was in here under different circumstances, having had a good year last year, having played good this year, I don't think the surprise would be there. With my track record for the past two months brings that on, I understand. I don't expect to shoot 62 every day I play. However, I expect a lot of myself and I hit the golf ball well today. I didn't hit it great. I really didn't. I hit good shots and I made some putts.

If you want to try to compare it to the 59, you're talking about night and day. I don't know how many putts I made today as far as length, but that day I made 11 birdies and eagles, and all those putts added up to 53 feet. I putted from four feet all day today. It doesn't compare to that. It was a good day for me. It's a show of some of the work I've done with my dad at home, and then when I took a step out of the box and went to David Ledbetter, that's alot of it. I went to him to get confirmation that I was on track, and not as bad as people believed or I wanted to believe. A big change is I went to talk to a friend of mine, who is in here. I decided to get outside the box, again. I talked to Bob Rotella for 14 years, I think, now, and I felt different eyes and different opinions, again. And more so than my work with David is the work I've done with Gio has been more beneficial.

Q. There's been so many different rumors or so many different theories to what has been wrong with your game over the last two years. In your mind, your eyes, what was it primarily?

DAVID DUVAL: There's a lot of things that happened. In some ways I've been insulted by it, and some ways I've gotten a real kick out of it, especially the talk of lack of desire, of lack of work ethic. I kind of get a kick out of everybody that's writing these things and saying these things, who are sitting in here, and not out on the golf course. I think a perfect example -- when I got my 83 at Augusta on Saturday. I was on the range all morning, and I didn't see a writer or TV person out there. So there's a lot of things that have gone on in life. I had injuries and vertigo, that illness, whatever. So many obstacles have been thrown my way. But it hasn't hurt my love of the game. The lack of performance has certainly bothered me, but bothered me because I expect a lot more for myself, not so much out here winning golf tournaments, but I expect a lot of myself when I play the game, because I know I'm good. And I just -- I haven't been executing like I know how. That's a tough one. And that's kind of where talking with Gio has been more beneficial, because I've learned a lot about myself. I've recognized different things and different aspects of my life, not even in golf, but other places, patterns that I fall into. And to be evolving like that and to see some changes is a good feeling.

Q. What kind of second shot did you have on 1?

DAVID DUVAL: No. 1 I got -- one of the things that has been missing, is I got a good break, and I got really lucky, you know. I finally had a bone thrown my way. Because it seems like a month ago that ball would have definitely been in the hay and I would have had to take a double. However, I turned, I guess I shot 29, and got ahead of myself and got distracted and just flared it and I got over there, I'm in the high rough, I've got a good lie, I've got a clear shot. I can't see the hole or anything, but I've got 150 yards or something into the wind, I've got a 9-iron, just over the green, kicked it up there and made par. And that's what I needed to keep my round going today.

Q. Talk about the shot you had on 7 after the drive. That looked like it had no chance to get to the green, how did you get that one?

DAVID DUVAL: I hit it in the rough, obviously, off the tee. Pretty good tee ball, I just hooked it a little more than I wanted to. I had not a great lie, but it wasn't terrible, either, it was very mediocre lie. I had three choices, chip it out sideways to where Jose had driven the ball or I could try to chip it out and advance it. First off, I wasn't going to chip out sideways, I didn't want to do that, and still have a 5 or 6-iron in. So I had two choices, which was hook it a little over the bunker into a tight fairway, and lay it up. And the other one was to kind of hit through, and one shot was a lot harder than the other, that's why I decided to go forward. And I felt like if I pulled it off, best case was what happened, knock it on the green, and then I also had a chance to maybe getting it into the bunker on the right, where I could maybe have gotten up-and-down and saved par.

TODD BUDNICK: Let's go through the round. Start with the birdie on No. 11.

DAVID DUVAL: Pitching wedge to an inch, three inches, whatever.

14, I hit a pitching wedge just over the green, and chipped in with a 9-iron, a little bump-and-run shot. Nothing real dramatic.

15, 7-iron to 4 feet.

17, 7-iron to the right, again what I was saying about the putts, made a putt up the hill for about 40 feet.

18, I hit a sand wedge to 15 feet, maybe.

No. 3, I hit 3-iron right in the middle of the green, which is 25 feet left of the hole.

No. 5 I hit a sand wedge out of the fairway bunker to about two feet.

No. 6, I knocked a 5-iron on the green and 2-putted from 20, 25 feet.

End of FastScripts....

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