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September 28, 2013

Richard McEvoy


Q.テつ Your third round here at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, which didn't seem to be that amazing on the beginning on the front nine but ended up being a very good 5‑under par?
RICHARD McEVOY:テつ Yeah, I made birdie at the first and then went a little bit stale.テつ I played some really nice golf but I just wasn't holing the putts unfortunately.テつ I stayed patient, which was the main thing today really.テつ Patience was great.
I made birdie on 9 and then kind of got it going a little bit on the back nine.テつ Holed a couple of good putts on 13 and 14, and just kept on giving myself opportunities to make birdies.テつ So yeah, the main thing today was being patient really early on and that became key later.

Q.テつ Quite pleasant, you played alongside your amateur partner, Michael, and you're leading the tournament right now?
RICHARD McEVOY:テつ It's been great.テつ Michael is a lovely guy.テつ He's very relaxed, easygoing, which is great for me, as well, to stay relaxed on the golf course.テつ But yeah, he's been great.テつ We've dovetailed so well.テつ Whenever I've kind of been making pars, he's had ten shots a round and just come in whenever possible really to make his birdies.テつ It's great, going into tomorrow, looking fantastic.

Q.テつ You're in a great position going into the final round, obviously for the tournament itself, are you thinking a bit about your card situation, looking at the result after this week, or is it something you're not very much focused on?
RICHARD McEVOY:テつ To be honest I'm thinking about winning at the moment.テつ I'm in a position to go out and try and give it a go and try and win.テつ That's what I'll be doing tomorrow.
That's all I've been thinking about all week really is trying to get out there and finish as high up as possible, but obviously after day one, it was a key to try and keep making birdies and try and be aggressive like I was the first day, and it's paid off so far, so that's what I'll be doing again tomorrow.

Q.テつ You seem to be very relaxed and also playing well and put yourself in position and victory is quite likely?
RICHARD McEVOY:テつ Fingers crossed, we'll see.テつ It's a long day tomorrow.テつ There's so many people up there, that's the thing.テつ There's probably, I don't know, a dozen people, at least within two or three shots of the lead, so could be anyone tomorrow and also depends what the weather is going to do tomorrow.
If it's another day like this, it's another day of low scoring, who knows.テつ I'll go and give it my best tomorrow and see what happens.

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