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September 28, 2013

Joost Luiten


Q.テつ Your thoughts on 68 around this course?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Decent score.テつ It could be a bit better if you make some putts on the back nine, but 4‑under overall, 18 for the tournament, going into a nice position for the Sunday.

Q.テつ What was the difference, because you were flying at halfway?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Yeah, I just didn't hit them that close anymore on the back nine.テつ It was a bit tougher.テつ The holes were playing into the wind a little bit.テつ I had some chances but just didn't make the putts really.

Q.テつ Overall, lovely, isn't it?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Yeah, I'm happy playing well.テつ I did make some nice putts the last three days and hopefully we can do it one more day tomorrow.

Q.テつ Sounds like an element of surprise because you're not entirely sure how you're going to cope after a win?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ You never know, but my game felt good, I came out here the practise days and it still felt good.テつ I came into this tournament with a lot of confidence and I think it showed.

Q.テつ And I take it the beauty was that you could reflect on the win and have a celebration and really put it to bed?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ It's good that you have a week off after the win and you can have some celebration and then take some rest and then you can focus on your golf again.テつ If you have to keep on going after the win, it probably takes more out of you than it did now.テつ It just feels good.

Q.テつ Any forecast of a winning score?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ I think it depends on the wind.テつ I think 23.

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