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September 28, 2013

Shane Lowry


Q.テつ Before we talk about your round of golf, talk about your mode of transport from Carnoustie to here, you got here very quickly?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Yeah, it does, feels like five minutes ago I tapped in on the ninth.テつ The tournament have very kindly put on a helicopter and back.テつ I drove over this morning because there was a bit of fog but got a nice list back, so it was nice.

Q.テつ Highlight of the day 17, tell us about that one?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Yeah, I think I have nightmares about those last three holes at Carnoustie and I played them very nicely.テつ Just hit a 4‑iron off the tee, and I had like 220, and it was just a perfect 5‑iron or whatever it was, hit a great shot straight at the flag and heard roars at the top of the hill, mostly my dad, so it was good.

Q.テつ Some amazing rounds of golf, but 64 at Carnoustie is very special, tell us about the round?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Yeah, I played good all day.テつ Obviously you need a little bit of luck like 17, but I played good all day.テつ Putted nicely which was key.テつ Holed a lovely 8‑footer for par on the first which kind of got me going and never looked back from there.
Even to put a hat on the ninth green for a 63, it looked to me all the way it was in.テつ It was one of those days that I felt very comfortable out there, and the game kind of came easy to me.

Q.テつ What was the game plan going out, you're five behind but you're playing the most difficult course.
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Yeah, if you had given me 4‑under going out, I probably would have taken your hand off; it's that type of course.テつ You can easily go our there and not do anything wrong and shoot level par or a couple over.
I knew the leaders were going to push ahead, so I just had to take one shot at a time and see where it left me.テつ I knew there was a bit of a score on but I didn't think I was going to shoot 8‑under.

Q.テつ You missed out very narrowly on both lists for the Seve Trophy, how disappointing was that?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Yeah, very disappointing.テつ Obviously I didn't play in Italy last week, which I probably should have done, but I've done that all year.テつ My schedule has not been as hectic as it has been in the past and every time I seem to play, I seem to be in with a shout come Sunday.テつ So I think I'm doing the right thing.
It would have been nice to play the Seve Trophy, but that's the way golf is.テつ I'll just have a week off next week before Portugal.

Q.テつ And you got picked for the World Cup, didn't you?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Yeah, I'm playing the World Cup with G‑Mac in Melbourne in November.テつ That will be good.テつ There's a different format and there's World Ranking points down there, so if I can keep the form going down there, that would be nice.

Q.テつ Thoughts on tomorrow?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ Yeah, I think I'm two behind and there's a lot of guys on 18.テつ Yeah, I believe there's going to be a little bit of wind, as well.テつ I think if I can go out one shot at a time and keep doing what I'm doing, hopefully I won't be too far away at the end of the day on Sunday.

Q.テつ The length of the putt for the 63?
SHANE LOWRY:テつ It was like 20 feet for a par.

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