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September 27, 2013

Richard McEvoy


Q.テつ Two really good days then?
RICHARD McEVOY:テつ Yeah, fantastic.テつ I love it up here.テつ It's three courses, three of my favourite courses actually to play probably.テつ You've got the history of St. Andrews, Carnoustie is a fantastic, just a tough golf course, and Kingsbarns with the views there, it's pretty spectacular.

Q.テつ Is it quite nice to get this course, the tougher‑‑
RICHARD McEVOY:テつ Yeah, so far I've been very lucky with the draw.テつ I got St. Andrews the right way around yesterday, where I played the front nine‑‑ the back nine, my front nine, with no wind.テつ And then played the front nine, my back nine, downwind.
Today, it's been pretty much flat calm all day all morning, which is incredible here to be honest.テつ It's just been amazed with weather.

Q.テつ Must be good knowing you've got Carnoustie out of the way and you're right there at the top and Kingsbarns tomorrow.
RICHARD McEVOY:テつ Yeah, like I said earlier, it's another golf course that I love.テつ So I'm just enjoying playing well and rolling some putts in which has been the main thing these two days.テつ When I've hit it close, I've made the putts, and that's been the big difference between the way I have been getting on and this week.

Q.テつ Have you been working on that in particular?
RICHARD McEVOY:テつ You know, general part of my game I've been working on all year to be honest.テつ I've actually put a new putter in this week which has been the key.テつ It's a brand new one, yeah, which feels great.テつ I've been rolling the ball really well and I can see the ball going in, which is great, and I haven't really had that over the last couple of months or so.テつ So it's been really nice to have that.

Q.テつ And need a good week in the next three?
RICHARD McEVOY:テつ Yeah, in a way that kind of helps, because I need to keep pushing.テつ I can't sit back and think that I can maybe finish Top‑20 and that will can keep my card, because it won't.テつ I need to keep pushing and I need to keep making birdies, and I need to keep playing the aggressive golf I've gone the first two days and I think that helps in a way really.

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