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September 27, 2013

Peter Uihlein


Q.テつ You had a putt on the final green, talk us through that, first of all?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Yeah, it was cool.テつ It was a good day.テつ Me and my caddie, Sam, we were talking about it, and my second shot, we were like, you know, let's try not even and try and not think about it.テつ I knew I had to make eagle and gave it a go, hit a good putt.テつ I actually thought it would come back to the right at the end but kept going left.テつ All in all it was a good day.テつ Definitely pleased.

Q.テつ Going back to early in the round, you are birdie and eagle all over the place, what's going through your mind at that stage?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Just trying to keep up with Ernie I guess.テつ Just one of those days, starting off I hit it really close and didn't make anything and all of a sudden I started making it from everywhere.テつ You know, it was a good, patient day, and next thing I know, the cover was off the hole and the ball was going in.
So it was just one of those good days and everything just seemed to go in for me.

Q.テつ You had 9‑under par with five holes to play; we are thinking 59.テつ When did 59 first come into your thinking?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ On 8, the 17th hole.テつ I made that birdie to go to 11‑under, and yeah, so that kind of was‑‑ like, all right, try to go birdie, birdie here.テつ It was the first time it crossed my mind.テつ I was actually walking off one of the holes and I was like, whoa, 8‑ or 9‑under.テつ I was just kind of in the zone out there and it was good.

Q.テつ You are renowned for being totally chilled and nothing phases you; coming down the last with a chance to make history, what's it like emotionally?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Definitely not that calm underneath, but yeah, I just tried to stay with my routines and do what I felt was comfortable and you know, just kind of just keep the same swing thought and same routines and just try and put good swings on it and I was able to do it.

Q.テつ Your first year on the main tour, you've won, you've achieved so many things, Top‑30 in The Race to Dubai; can you believe what's going on?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Yes and no.テつ I put a lot of time in working this off‑season working hard.テつ I moved down to West Palm to be near Claude Harmon; and I work with Butch and my trainer is down there, as well.テつ This is the most I've practised this off‑season by far and I was able to put in some good work with a quality team and my results are showing.
Even my off weeks, I'm not taking off weeks, I'm going home and grinding and practicing.テつ It's great to see the results so quickly.

Q.テつ Fabulous position going into the weekend, two rounds at St. Andrews; how special is that and how excited are you about the possible ties?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Yeah, I'm excited.テつ Any time you play the Old Course, it's fantastic.テつ It's the first time in competition and I'm looking forward to it.テつ I had a great draw today with Ernie, so I'm definitely excited.

Q.テつ How are you enjoying this format playing alongside an amateur?
PETER UIHLEIN:テつ Yeah, Huey Lewis had to withdraw so Bradley has been a great replacement and he's obviously a fine young Scottish player and it's been exciting.テつ It's definitely been a great week.

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