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June 9, 2000

Meg Mallon


MEG MALLON: It doesn't happen very often that I make all these putts. Yesterday, I hit it close and didn't make anything. But today I hit 14 greens as opposed to 11 yesterday. And whenever I missed the green, I was chipping off the side of the green. So I never got myself in big trouble.

Q. Little less windy maybe?

MEG MALLON: Seemed like it. But yesterday the conditions weren't bad except all the mud we were picking up on the first six holes. It was still muddy on our balls again today. But the greens were soft from that rain we got, And they were holding. Even when I hit it in the rough, at least I could hold it to the back of the green today rather than it flying over.

Q. A strange tournament in that the scores are not where we're used to seeing them. Almost like an Open-type scoring?

MEG MALLON: Yesterday I thought the conditions were tough in the afternoon. I was surprised the couple better scores were from the afternoon yesterday because the wind real howled. If it stays like this, continues to dry out in the fairways, I think you'll see more 5-unders on the weekend.

Q. What do you think of Dale Eggeling's 68 today?

MEG MALLON: Isn't that great? I know her husband is really happy right now. We both used his putter. And I'm sure that makes him feel good. Dale struggled this year. And she had a real good year, actually the last two years she played well. Good to see her find her game again.

Q. The putter?

MEG MALLON: Never Compromise. Her husband has interest in the company and reps for us out here.

Q. What's his name?

MEG MALLON: Mike Eggeling.

Q. What kind of putter is it?

MEG MALLON: It's a Never Compromise. They're called Beta, Alpha, Kappa -- I think I have the Beta now. I switched putters this week because I wasn't putting well. I switched to a different style -- Alpha, Beta -- something. It went in today, and it was a good putter.

Q. Couple top 10 finishes here. Do you feel good about this course?

MEG MALLON: I'm starting to feel better about it. My first few years I didn't play well here. And you have to hit the ball in the fairway, I think, to be successful in this golf course. And that's what I tried to figure out. If you don't, you don't try to go for it. You try to get it on the front of the green, because you have a much better chance getting up-and-down from the front of the greens than the sides or the back, because everything is so pitched on these greens. Maybe I've matured a little bit to recognize that on this course.

Q. I'm a little -- there's skepticism in me that says that's a party line, everybody says that it's tough?

MEG MALLON: The thing that makes this course tough, the greens -- you can't make putts. When we were in Nashville, we're on big, giant, huge greens, rolling as pure and true as possible where you can make it from 40 feet. These greens are small and -- and there's poa annua on them. It makes the cups look like they're the size of the hole -- I mean the size of the ball. You don't make a ton of putts on these greens. I know that's what makes the score so hard. It's that much harder to get up-and-down if you miss a green. And your 20- to 15-foot birdie putts are hard, which just don't happen. Like today, by hitting so many greens and not making a bogey, jumped way ahead of the field by doing that. That's hard enough doing that on this course.

Q. Pin placement bad on 5. The par 3?

MEG MALLON: I think 7 was the bad pin placement.

Q. Maybe that was it.

MEG MALLON: Yeah. That's the only place. It was in an interesting place.

Q. How do you feel about being in this position? Two rounds to go. I know you've been in contention a lot in your career.

MEG MALLON: I hope the person that showed up today shows up for the next two days. That's my wish for the next two days.

Q. Good luck to you.

MEG MALLON: Thank you very much.

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