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September 26, 2013

Richie Ramsay


Q.テつ Messed up at the last?
RICHIE RAMSAY:テつ Yeah, useless.テつ It's so easy like with the way I was playing, just never looked ‑‑テつ like I was never out of position, everything was just easy.
And then the last, good lay up, picked the wrong shot, and then a good first putt to four feet and then hit a really good second putt, and about halfway, I don't know if it was a little pitchmark, just went straight left and I missed, so six.テつ It's the easiest 3‑under you'll ever have around that course, so it was incredibly poor to finish that way.
Rob played good all day and we kind of mixed it up.テつ Every time I made birdie, he would make a par.テつ And every time he would make a birdie, I would make a par, so it was quite good.テつ And you know, I'm quite solid, so he can just go for his shots.
It was good playing with him.テつ Just incredibly disappointing on the last hole, it really is frustrating.

Q.テつ First 17 holes sounds like a lot of positives to take?
RICHIE RAMSAY:テつ A lot of positives, but just at the moment, I can't see past the miss.

Q.テつ When it clears, I'm sure you'll be able to move on and look forward to the next few days.
RICHIE RAMSAY:テつ Yeah, tomorrow‑‑ I'll just go in there and have lunch and come out and hit balls and get a bit of frustration out on the range, because it was a really good score there to be had.テつ But 3‑under around there, the way I played, is borderline.

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