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September 26, 2013

Richard McEvoy


Q.テつ Let's start with the finish, it's pretty spectacular, isn't it?
RICHARD MCEVOY:テつ Yeah, I had a lovely day obviously, played really nicely around till then and finished‑‑ holed it from 90 yards on the ninth, my last hole.テつ Great way to finish.テつ We had a fantastic day with my partner, Michael.テつ I was 8‑under and we were 16 as a team.テつ We dovetailed really well.テつ Yeah, just a great day.

Q.テつ Able to get that kind of fortune, but the course was there for the taking and you're playing well regardless‑‑
RICHARD MCEVOY:テつ We were lucky with our draw really, because we played the back nine with not much wind, and then the front nine, we played‑‑ the wind got up, and it was downwind for us pretty much.
So we were lucky with the draw because playing the other way around, you would have been playing into the wind all the way home, so we were lucky in that sense.
But yeah, playing the Home of Golf, it's one of my favourite places to come play anyway.テつ You get a lovely morning like this morning, always makes it special.

Q.テつ How does it compare to other rounds you've had around here?
RICHARD MCEVOY:テつ That's the best round by far I've ever had.テつ Maybe not quite the most important.テつ Three years ago, I finished well to keep my card, so I had a good week here on the Sunday.テつ So that was probably the most special round I've had.テつ But yeah, it's up there, yeah, definitely.

Q.テつ And that sort of memory certainly helps, as well, when you approach a tournament‑‑
RICHARD MCEVOY:テつ Yeah, it does.テつ I love all three courses.テつ And links golf I love playing, as well.テつ I've always done quite well, links golf.テつ Yeah, it's just nice to be back here.テつ Love the town and love everything about it.テつ If you enjoy golf and love golf, this is the place to be.

Q.テつ Are you conscious of the money involved in this very lucrative tournament?
RICHARD MCEVOY:テつ A little bit.テつ But for me at the moment, I'm so far down, I need a very, very good week.テつ In the back of my mind, I need to win, really.テつ So no pressure at all.テつ But if I go out, I need to go out with a bang, so I've got to give it a shot, and that's what I did today.
I've been playing solid all year really.テつ I haven't played badly, but there's been something missing and I had a good session with my coach a few weeks ago, and we kind of put a finger on it, and the last couple of weeks, it's been getting better and better.
Obviously today, kind of clicked a lot more, and yeah, shot a great score.テつ So pleased.

Q.テつ Your coach's name?
RICHARD MCEVOY:テつ Jonathan Yarwood.

Q.テつ And club into 9?テつ
RICHARD MCEVOY:テつ A little mid‑wedge, knock‑down mid‑wedge into the wind.テつ I had one hop about that far short of the hole, hit it past and came back in.

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