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September 26, 2013

Mark Tullo


Q.テつ Tell us about a wonderful start to this championship.
MARK TULLO:テつ It was good.テつ It was good.テつ I played with Kaleka today, and we both got into a quick start, so we were feeding off each other with good shots, good birdies.
Played good.テつ I managed to miss every bunker.テつ That's my main focus is missed bunkers.テつ So I did that, and hit 18 greens and obviously made a couple of birdies, so pretty happy.テつ We had a good day, a good day to play golf out here.テつ It wasn't that windy, and there were some birdies out there.

Q.テつ The course there for the taking, because you had opportunity upon opportunity out there?
MARK TULLO:テつ Yeah, you could say we had a lot of birdie chances out there, but still, you need to hit good shots off the tee.テつ Iron shots, you've got to control them in the wind.テつ You have to know how much it's going to roll when it pitches the green.
But yeah, you could say that we had an easier day of what St. Andrews is used to.テつ I played here, when was it, Wednesday, and it was blowing windy, cold and I wasn't going to shoot this score.

Q.テつ Given it's not that long ago since we saw you finish third at The Scottish Open, I take it you have an affinity with links courses.
MARK TULLO:テつ Yeah, I have to admit I do enjoy links golf courses.テつ I like to use my imagination around the greens sometimes.テつ Yeah, we still have three days to go and some very tough golf courses ahead, so it's all good fun.

Q.テつ You'd better put this in context.テつ You've been playing all right, haven't you, lately?
MARK TULLO:テつ I've been playing all right.テつ Obviously not amazing golf, but last week, the final round, I hit my irons much better and then I think I brought it to this week.テつ It's good sometimes when you have good feelings and a good last round and you bring it on to the next round.

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