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September 26, 2013

Mortenorum Madsen


Q.テつ Happy with that today?
MORTEN テν彝UM MADSEN:テつ Yeah, that was pretty good.テつ That was a fun round.テつ I played really well and got off to a good start and kind of played solid in the middle and got a couple birdies, middle, end of the back nine and hit a bad stretch on 17, cost a bogey, but that's what's going to happen on that hole.テつ So I'm not too displeased with that.テつ That was a solid round to start the week.

Q.テつ Are you conscious of getting a good round to start the week, knowing that this course was here for the taking today?
MORTEN テν彝UM MADSEN:テつ Yeah, yeah, I felt like when I came out this morning, that the wind wasn't very strong.テつ So I thought like you should make some birdies out there and see if you can kind of get under par a little bit and then start off the right foot for the week.テつ And then go to Carnoustie tomorrow, knowing that course is a little tougher there, so have your expectations, you can keep them down a little bit tomorrow, knowing that you had a good round today.テつ So that really pleased of getting off to a good start.

Q.テつ Continuation of the good form in Italy, because you were flying there, weren't you.
MORTEN テν彝UM MADSEN:テつ Yeah, through the last round, I was playing well.テつ Unfortunately I had a rough finish on 17.
Just a continuation of that, and just the form I found last week, played pretty solidly all week, and was just‑‑ yeah, just kind of continuing that, making some good putts and hitting some good shots.テつ It was nice, really nice.

Q.テつ Is there something about this style of golf, links golf, that appeals?
MORTEN テν彝UM MADSEN:テつ Yeah, I like links golf.テつ I like hitting those low shots off the tees and kind of try and manage your game a little more than just standing up there and hitting on driver.テつ I just love links golf and seems like when I get on a links course, I just feel comfortable and normally play pretty well.

Q.テつ What about the format, because you had somebody very noted playing alongside you, Sir Bobby Charlton.
MORTEN テν彝UM MADSEN:テつ Yeah, that was really fun to play with Mr.Charlton today.テつ I'm a big Manchester United fan, so that was pretty special to me.テつ My own partner, Franz Klammer, is such a nice guy and we had such a good time out there.テつ I was really lucky with the draw with the amateurs this week.テつ I really enjoyed that.

Q.テつ Why are you a United fan?
MORTEN テν彝UM MADSEN:テつ I got turned onto it when I was younger by one of my favorite players of all time is Ole Gunnar Solskjテδヲr, the old Norwegian striker, and he got me turned on to Man United and been a big fan ever since.

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