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September 26, 2013

Matthew Baldwin


Q.テつ Good day today?
MATTHEW BALDWIN:テつ Good start.

Q.テつ Ideal conditions?
MATTHEW BALDWIN:テつ Perfect, a little bit cold at times when the sun goes in, but it's ideal for these golf courses if the weather stays like this all week.

Q.テつ You'd like for Carnoustie to be like this, wouldn't you?
MATTHEW BALDWIN:テつ Oh, definitely yeah.テつ I think tomorrow is meant to be all right and then gets worse at the weekend.

Q.テつ What about your amateur, did he contribute?
MATTHEW BALDWIN:テつ Yeah, I think he was level par for the first eight holes.テつ But just steady with pars, had one birdie on the sixth which I happened to par, so that was a bit of a bonus, as well.

Q.テつ Do you enjoy the format?
MATTHEW BALDWIN:テつ Yeah, it's good.テつ It's different.テつ Certainly different.テつ There's so much more to take into consideration with obviously your partner, you want him to do well, and so on.
So you're not just out there for yourself.テつ You've got to think about‑‑ obviously you think about other people, but you have to think about your partner, as well.

Q.テつ Does that help some ways, not concentrating completely on your own game?
MATTHEW BALDWIN:テつ Possibly.テつ Obviously you've got to a certain extent think about your own game, but it's nice when, for example, Michael has got a birdie putt and to try help him hole it, it's fun.

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