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September 26, 2013

Ernie Els


Q.テつ Opening round of 69, how do you feel about your play today?
ERNIE ELS:テつ I thought I played quite nicely.テつ You know, I was still missing a bunch of putts, but I kind of kept my cool a little bit so to speak and I got it in with a 69, which is not a bad score, but on a day like this, you can have a 65,66.テつ Hopefully I can keep my cool.

Q.テつ Partnering with your dad as you do in this event, how special is that, even though you do it each year?
ERNIE ELS:テつ Unbelievable.テつ He's 70 this year, and he's meant so much obviously to my career and he's been the best father I could ever have asked for.テつ Learned a lot from him, and being a father myself, you kind of go what he taught you.テつ He's just been a great guy and one of my best friends.テつ He is my best friend, so nice to play golf with him.

Q.テつ Hearing earlier on that you're thinking of reducing your schedule next year, tell us about that.
ERNIE ELS:テつ Yeah, I'm looking at options.テつ There's so much going on now.テつ There's wonderful events, there's a lot of great tournaments in the States obviously, and then seems like European Tour has got some unbelievable tournaments at the end much the year.
So I've really got to take stock here.テつ I feel like I'm really over‑golfed a little bit at the moment, and it's really coming into my game, and you've got to be fresh mentally.
I've got to look at a lot of options.テつ I live in the U.S. now, my kids go to school there, so I'm looking at things.テつ Maybe not short as Steve Stricker, but something shorter.

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