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September 26, 2013

David Howell


Q.テつ Any round under par at Carnoustie is sag, how satisfying is 67?
DAVID HOWELL:テつ I think it's by best round around here ever.テつ Got to be happy, tinged with disappointment to drop one at 17 but I holed a nice one for par on 16 I guess and the 18th is playing tough this time of the evening.テつ So all in all, delighted.

Q.テつ 35 of the last 40 tournaments you've made the cut.テつ What's behind the consistency?
DAVID HOWELL:テつ Well, I don't really know.テつ I'm playing consistently.テつ I don't know what to put it down to?テつ I'm working well with my coach and my caddie, we are plotting our way around the courses very nicely.テつ And yeah, my game has been good for a while, simple as that, really.テつ Haven't put myself under too much stress and once again today it was a reasonably stress‑free round.
I was a little bit nervous teeing off to be honest with you.テつ Can't explain why.テつ No idea why, but I was, and I managed to get through the first two holes without playing them particularly well and then I played really nicely for the next 14 or 15.テつ Very pleasing day.

Q.テつ Currently 59th in The Race to Dubai, we know the Top 60 make that finale tournament; how much is that in your thinking?
DAVID HOWELL:テつ It was my first goal for the year really.テつ I haven't played in Dubai in the season finale since it's moved there.テつ So it's been very disappointing.テつ I live in Dubai in the winter.テつ It's been tough to watch.テつ It's been nice to commentate on in some ways, but obviously I want to be playing.
Yeah, I'm right close to the mark at the moment and can obviously make a dig bent in that this week, and that's what I plan to do.

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