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September 25, 2013

David Duval


Q.テつ Tell us the story of getting here.
DAVID DUVAL:テつ It's been a very adventurous trip to get here to Scotland.テつ It came up kind of too close to the golf tournament was when I realised I should probably try to stay and play if I can get a spot, because I was going to be in Turin for The Italian Open.
I got in, found out a got a spot, Sunday night at about nine o'clock.テつ At that point, a couple factors were a big problem.テつ One was trying to arrange transport getting here.テつ And two, trying to get transport home for my wife, because I had only planned on the one week, we had, most people call it a buddy pass, a companion pass, so if I didn't get back on their plane to go back to Denver, they wouldn't let her on, either.
So I hopped on a plane at six in the morning from Turin, flew through Frankfurt.テつ Of course we had a five‑ or six‑hour delay in Frankfurt and turned it into 26‑hour travel day.テつ Had a little dinner, a glass of wine, I went to bed, slept for about six hours, got up, did some laundry, packed my bags and hopped on a plane back from Denver to Scotland.テつ I just got here this morning, and that's how much I wanted to be here.

Q.テつ It's a fantastic tournament and a unique one on The European Tour. テつYou must be excited to tee it up on the three courses.
DAVID DUVAL:テつ I am, very much.テつ I've played The Scottish Open at Carnoustie and I've played two Opens there.テつ I've played I think four Opens at St. Andrews.テつ Today is my first look at Kingsbarns, which so far, I'm enjoying very much.
I've always been a big supporter of our tournament back home, the AT&T at Pebble Beach, which is basically the same format, same type golf tournament as this one.テつ And I'm just a big believer that these amateur‑type tournaments, especially when they get to compete with the pros in actual competition, I think they are very important for the health of professional golf.

Q.テつ There's a chance, as well, for you to go on The European Tour, not much you did in your career in the last ten years.
DAVID DUVAL:テつ I didn't play much and I kind of in hindsight regret it and I'm hoping to try to play a little bit more in Europe as the years progress.

Q.テつ As for your game, how is it feeling?テつ You're 12 holes into a practice round at Kingsbarns.テつ How are you feeling?
DAVID DUVAL:テつ I'm trying to figure out where I am, first of all because of the 40 hours, 50 hours of travel, so not quite sure which side is up right now.テつ But it feels good.テつ That's why I came back.テつ I'm playing good golf again.テつ I spent seven months putting my golf swing back together with Chris O'Connell and it's time to play and that's why I made the effort to get here.

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