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September 21, 2013

Zach Johnson


Q.  Steve said about this golf course right now, he kind of narrows it into shooting 68 to 72.

Q.  It's hard to actually shoot a high score but also very difficult.
ZACH JOHNSON:  I think it's easier to shoot a high score than it is a low score.  Part of it is just the greens.  Going from the bank of grass to this champions Bermuda, even if you have the proper yardage, it's hard to get close.
You have a loft in your hands, you can be somewhat aggressive.  But there's always that thought.  If I miss the green, it's hard to get it up and down on Bermuda.
The big thing that I've noticed for me, especially when I miss fairways, even if I hit fairways, is that in between clubs is a hard shot because you've got to play release.  If you're taking the club where‑‑ I don't know if I can quite get it there and you swing hard at it, you're still going to be short.  If you take the club that's one that you know you can get there but you've got to take a little bit off, it's hard to get close because of the lack of spin into the greens and the release factor.
So it's just hard to get the ball close, and then you compensate with difficult putting greens with the green.

Q.  I know you haven't been playing with him this week.  I don't know how much television you've watched.  How impressive is it for a guy to have a six‑shot lead in this field on this golf course?
ZACH JOHNSON:  It's very impressive.  Stricker said that everybody is kind of flat, which could be true.  I just think he's playing good.
I don't think it's anything more than that personally.  That's what you're seeing on the scoreboard.  I mean, you've got guys that are playing pretty good, anywhere from 1 under to 6, 7 under, and then there's Henrik.
Very impressive.  Maybe we all should have broke our driver last week.  I'm just teasing.

Q.  How does that change your mindset of the whole field when you know there's one guy out there that seems like everything is clicking?
ZACH JOHNSON:  I know what I need to do here.  This is a tough course for me to win on with this kind of field.  It plays long.  I've got to get the ball on the fairway if I'm going to climb the leaderboard.
To shoot 1 under today with hitting my driver pretty average, I'll take it.  The scoreboards are irrelevant.  There comes a point when it becomes relevant, but if he's going to keep maintaining or lengthening that lead, then it becomes even more relevant.

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