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September 21, 2013

Tiger Woods


Q.  Tiger, first round under par for this week.  Did you do anything different?  Anything different other than the score?
TIGER WOODS:  I didn't hit it very good today.  I hit everything to the right or flipped it left, but I putted better.
As I said yesterday, that was the difference‑‑ I hit the best the first day and made nothing and putted better the last two days.

Q.  Henrik is out in front.  What do you make of what he's doing on this course?
TIGER WOODS:  It's not a surprise because the way he's been playing for the past couple of months.
Really from the British Open on, he's been playing consistently well.  It's not surprising he's out in front.  Getting a lead like this, obviously, he's got to be playing really well.
I played with him that first day where through five holes he never missed a shot.  I think he's basically continued playing well.

Q.  Tiger, no birdies through the first 13 holes.  How good did that chip‑in feel?
TIGER WOODS:  You know what, Duff was giving me a pretty good earful going down 13 and chipped it in.  So I was able to fire right back at him that I wasn't shut out.

Q.  Tiger, early on when you first turned pro, did you ever think about the money you were going‑‑ obviously, there's so much at stake this week, but did you ever think, hey, if I do this, it's a difference of this $50,000 for this putt or whatever, and how hard is it to not‑‑
TIGER WOODS:  I never did.  I always based on winning golf tournaments.  If I won‑‑ for me, when I first came out here in '96, if I won, I was going to get my card.
I didn't know I had secured my top 150.  At the BC Open that year, some players were coming in and congratulating me that I was a member of the Tour, that I had the exemption for next year.  I didn't know.  I think I finished Top 5 that week, and I think I won the next tournament I played in.
I figured, if I just would win golf tournaments, it would take care of itself, and I was fortunate enough to win early in my career.

Q.  It's obviously based on money, that Top 150.  Is it good to not think about that?  Does it make it easier to not think about the money?
TIGER WOODS:  The only time where I really thought about it is after I had lost to the grip.  After having the lead there and playing that poorly, I could have sold off my card right there.  If I won the final round, I would have had a two‑year exemption.  I didn't have to worry about it luckily because I won the Masters, and Masters is a ten‑year exemption.  So I was locked in for ten years out here.

Q.  Tiger, you've been here many times before.  How's the mindset going into a Sunday with such a big lead?
TIGER WOODS:  It depends on the golf course.  This is a great golf course to protect on because there's really not that much danger.  You can make a bunch of pars.  It's one of those golf courses where Duff and I were talking about it yesterday.  It's so easy to shoot 68 to 72.  Just kind of where the scores are going to be.  If we look at the leaderboard, it's kind of how it is.  We shoot a lot of those numbers here.
It's hard to go low.  You've got to play some really good golf to go low.

Q.  Tiger, you're the most fit guy out here, and you've been quoted as saying, because of your regimen, you can't really understand coming down the stretch being tired playing golf.  Yesterday you said you were exhausted.  Why is this different?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, we've played a lot of golf.  It's been a lot for a long period of time here.  I normally don't play that much.  There's a reason why, so that I'm rested.  I can do my preparation, and I can be ready to play on all 72 holes.
We're asking a lot for the guys to play from basically British Open on.  Some guys have obligations to play in Canada the following week, and they get into Bridgestone, the PGA, and the Playoffs, and the Americans, inernationals flip years.  The Europeans got the Ryder Cup on the back end.  So it's a lot.

Q.  [No microphone.]
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, just do what Stricker does.

Q.  How do you feel today?  At what point does it come about getting in quickly and trying to get that week off?
TIGER WOODS:  It's nice to get the week off, but I want to go in there playing well and shooting some good scores.
I didn't hit the ball well today.  I kept hitting everything to the right.  It wasn't that far off, but it just kept spinning over to the right.
At least I was able to putt well today.  It was nice.  I made some nice putts.

Q.  Does hitting second in this FedExCup matter to you?  It's obviously still in play.  Is that the goal now?
TIGER WOODS:  The goal is to go out and shoot a low round tomorrow and see where the chips fall.  I mean, my responsibility is to go out there and shoot a low one and see what happens.
Thanks, guys.

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