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September 20, 2013

Adam Scott


THE MODERATOR:  1 under par 69 for Adam Scott today.  A couple of shots behind Henrik Stenson, but Adam still in good place with 36 holes to go.  Just get your comments on today's round.
ADAM SCOTT:  I'm fairly pleased.  I didn't play my best golf out there today.  A few errant tee shots.  Not that I got in a lot of trouble, but when you're out of position, it's really hard to have a good score around here.
I scrambled well on a few holes, and I didn't get much to go down when I had opportunities.  It was just one of those days, and at least it's only one guy four in front.  So four is not so many at this point.

Q.  Four shots is nothing over 36 holes or even 18 sometimes, but does it look any more daunting when a guy's hitting it as well as Henrik is?
ADAM SCOTT:  Look, Henrik is playing fantastic.  So he's got this thing under control at the moment.
But not for 36 holes.  I think there's too many good players here.  It's not just myself or someone at 5 under.  Someone back at 3 and 2 can still have a run at this thing.
If it is softer tomorrow because of rain, there could be a lot better scores because it's playing probably as tricky as it can at the moment, and if it softens up, I'd expect the scores to be a little better.
So I didn't really answer your question, Doug.  It was just ramble.

Q.  You ramble better than most actually.
ADAM SCOTT:  I think I'm confident enough in my own striking to not be intimidated by Henrik's good ball striking.  That was all I said.  Just rubbish, the rest of it.

Q.  It seemed there was quite a few midrange opportunities that just wouldn't fall.  Usually you might get sort of at least one or two of those to go.  Maybe sort of given the fact that you are still there, are you pleased to get that round out of the way maybe?
ADAM SCOTT:  Maybe, yeah.  I mean, look, I'm putting good.  These greens can be tricky to read because of the grain.  It was just one of those days where it was slightly off with the read obviously.  I felt like I hit a lot of good putts, and they didn't go in.
But I made the ones you're supposed to make, which shows me that I'm putting well.  And hopefully, I get in that zone tomorrow where I'm picking the right line.

Q.  What happened at the start?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I hooked it off 1 and hooked it off 4.  I was in not very good shape at all.  So I'd like to clean the start up a little bit for the weekend.
If you get off to a good start here, there's a good score to be had, for sure, and Henrik managed it both days.
And the opening holes are a good opportunity here.  So you need to take advantage of them, not playing them a couple over.

Q.  Do you have extra confidence because you won here before?  And do you think the front plays easier than the back, or the back plays easier than the front?
ADAM SCOTT:  I feel like I've played a lot of good golf at this course.  The confidence from winning has faded away somewhat in the seven or eight years.
But I feel like I've played a lot of good rounds here, and I like the golf course a lot.  To me, the front seems to play tougher, I think, 5 and 6 are pretty demanding holes.  Even the 4th.  Whereas the back nine for me just fits my eye a little bit better, maybe less blind shots there.

Q.  At what point does what Henrik's doing in front of you influence how aggressive you're going to be or not be?  When do you change from your own game plan to sort of push a bit hard?
ADAM SCOTT:  Maybe midway through the front nine on Sunday if it's still status quo.  I'll have to create something, see how he starts on Sunday with the pressure of the lead.
I mean, we're all just guessing now.  So I'm not going to change anything tomorrow.  I'm just going to play my game.  I think, if I do that, there's a good score out there.

Q.  It can't be as easy as Henrik's making it look, but what is he doing so much better than everybody else at the moment?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, it's only a couple shots a day.
He is.  I think he's getting it in play very nicely off the tee, and it just‑‑ you know, it only takes one to make an easy bogey all of a sudden, and because he's not hitting it in the rough, he's‑‑ instead of making that one easy bogey, I think he's turning that into a birdie, and that's four shots better than me each day, and he's probably doing it a few times better than someone at even par.
I mean, it's a game of small margins, and I think it's just that one drive that's in the fairway as opposed to mine that's in the rough.

Q.  [No microphone.]
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah.  Didn't seem to bother him too much.
THE MODERATOR:  Adam, we appreciate your time.  Thank you.

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