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September 20, 2013

Zach Johnson


Q.  Just general thoughts of the round today, a bogey‑free round here today.  How was it?
ZACH JOHNSON:  Pretty solid.  I drove it pretty good.  That was really what did it.  Missed maybe‑‑ I hit one bad tee shot that I can recall‑‑ maybe two.
Unfortunately, my putter was‑‑ yeah, I putted well.  I didn't have a lot of great close opportunities to birdie, maybe a handful.  But I putted well.  My lag putting was either really good or really terrible, and I made the ones in the back.
But solid.  I mean, just a solid day.

Q.  How do you look at ‑‑ right nowwhat are you, six back, seven back?
ZACH JOHNSON:  He's got to be 8 to 10.

Q.  He was at 10 under.  You hit 3, right?  So seven.
ZACH JOHNSON:  He's at 9 now?  Six back.

Q.  So how do you look for 36 holes?
ZACH JOHNSON:  I hope he hits a couple of triples, which brings me back in.
No, two more rounds, anything can happen, especially on this golf course.  You get hot.  It's just a matter of‑‑ for me it's a matter of I've got to hit fairways, and I've got to continue to putt well because I'm not a great rough player and I can spin it on the fairways but I can't spin it on the rough.

Q.  You talked about this week being so important because you wanted to play for the Presidents Cup.

Q.  Are you getting out of it what you wanted to get out of it?
ZACH JOHNSON:  No doubt.  Solid shots, solid putts.  That's the key this week.  Something that will carry me into my off‑week next week when I practice and something that certainly will carry me into the Presidents Cup.
The Presidents Cup, they put a lot of emphasis on guys playing boring golf, which is no bogeys, that's a good thing.

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