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September 19, 2013

Adam Scott


THE MODERATOR:  Adam Scott joins us here in the interview room after a 5 under par 65 in the first round of the TOUR Championship sponsored by Coca‑Cola.
Adam, definitely not the start you were looking for today but a great finish.  Could we get some comments on your round as a whole.
ADAM SCOTT:  It was a tale of two nines, there's no doubt.  I didn't start the way I wanted, and I was really frustrated by the 9th hole.  I missed three greens with wedges on the front nine and wasted all my chances to score.
I hit two good shots into 10 and rolled a putt in which calmed me down, and then I just went and played and played the way I felt I could.  I feel like my games in good shape, and it was nice to kind of open up a little bit on the back nine and take advantage of some good shots.
THE MODERATOR:  Great.  We'll open it up to questions.

Q.  I sensed a little bit of frustration there even at nine and the par.  What was it that made you turn around, just the fact you got a birdie and got on a run?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, that's all it was.  I put two good swings on it, up 10, and a really nice putt.
If a birdie can't calm you down, you're going to have to look for another thing to do for a living, I think.
It was really just that.  I felt like I was playing well, but you never like to be over par.  It never looks good.  Back to even, and I could settle down and just play.

Q.  Adam, what is it about playing in the state of Georgia this year that you find to your liking?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, everything at the moment.
No, I love playing great golf courses, and obviously this is one of them.  How can you not be enthusiastic about being here?  It's only upside this week for all of us who are in this Tournament.  Just got to go out there and have a good time.  I've put in as much work as I can all year to be here, and now I just hope it can hold up for a few more days.

Q.  Not to jump ahead 54 holes here, but earlier in the week you talked about sort of the need to win to throw your name in that Player of the Year race.  I just wonder, given all your other accomplishments, that's sort of the last thing on the table more or less.  How much of a motivating factor, I guess, is that for you?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah.  I think, as I've been kind of on the periphery of the discussion of that for the last few weeks, it's been a motivating factor for sure.  I think it's something really‑‑ a real achievement out here.
Like I said in here the other day, with such deep talent, if that was the vote from the other guys out here, I think that's a real achievement in your career.  Probably you don't look at it until you're in that position.
There haven't been too many guys who have been in the position the last 12 years to even warrant thinking about it.  So it's an opportunity to might not come along too often.  I'm going to be working hard to try and make my case for it for sure.

Q.  You also mentioned earlier in the week that you've had some good starts here before and not gone on with it.  What are you going to do different, or is there anything different that will make that different this time around?
ADAM SCOTT:  Hopefully, use that experience and figure it out as I go.  But if the weather's like this the next couple of days, I'll try to keep my foot on the gas.
I got a lot of confidence out of playing nine holes like that.  If I can do it for 9, I'll try to do it for 18 tomorrow, and wake up Saturday and do it all again.
You know, I've just got to keep my focus.  That's really all I can think it was.  Like I said, trust that all the work I've done is just going to hold up for a few days.

Q.  Wasn't it all a sense a few years you were a little burned out and you felt like you hadn't got the results you deserved, given how you played, et cetera, whereas this year everything seems to be right there for you to take?
ADAM SCOTT:  That may have been the case.  It's hard to remember back, but I probably did say that to you, Ben, yes.
Yeah, I mean, like I said, if I tell you I'm feeling tired this year, you can slap me across the face.  I've only played 14 tournaments or something.  I planned that with a reason.  There's a lot to play for in these four weeks in the playoffs.  You can't just wrap it up after the Majors are over, and I wanted to be fresh and ready, and I've tried to do the best I can to not stand here and say after an average weekend I'm burned out.  There is no excuse.

Q.  Best shot you hit today?
ADAM SCOTT:  I had a lot of good ones.  I hit a good wedge shot down 12, which was stiff.  That was a nice shot because it was in between yardage.  I liked that one because my wedge play is the one thing that I‑‑ well, I still feel I have most room for improvement.  So that one felt good after missing three greens with wedges on the front nine.

Q.  Just describe the birdies on the back nine.
ADAM SCOTT:  They were all pretty tidy.  It was just a driver, 8 iron into 10, and maybe a 12‑footer there, and a 6 iron into the next and a 12‑footer up the hill there.  Then I hit it to a foot on 12 with a wedge.
I parred 13.
14 was a driver, lob wedge to about 12 feet, made that.
The next hole, I made driver, 5 iron probably to eight or nine feet for eagle and just missed.  So I two‑putted.
And the next hole I hit driver, sand wedge out of the rough to probably 12 feet again and made that.
I had two good looks at birdie on 17 and 18.  Both were kind of just short, which was a little disappointing.
But I had great looks, nine good looks at it.  So it was nice to make a few of them.

Q.  You'll play with Henrik tomorrow, and you guys are obviously in that Top 5.  It's already setting for that sort of shootout between you guys.  It's good to know you are up here already and it is all in your hands, I suppose.
ADAM SCOTT:  You've just got to keep pace with them or try and run away with it if you're playing good enough.  We'll see what happens tomorrow.
I like the fact that I'm not way behind.  I'll be trying to keep pace or set pace and see how that sits tomorrow night.

Q.  I guess the other good factor for you is that the No.1 seed is way down in the back.  So it's even‑‑ the scenarios are sort of working in your favor already.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, but everything can change by Sunday.  I mean, it changes five times on the back nine on Sunday.  I've seen it all before.  It's crazy what happens.
So can't even think about it.  Just try and get there.
THE MODERATOR:  Adam, keep it going the rest of the week.
ADAM SCOTT:  Thanks.

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