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September 19, 2013

Billy Horschel


BILLY HORSCHEL:  Yeah, it's my first time here.  I've never been to East Lake before Tuesday when I stepped on the grounds for the first time.  I've seen it on TV many, many times.  I'm a golf fan.  I love watching golf.  So I've seen about every tournament at least ten times on TV.
So it's fun to finally be here.  It's obviously a small field.  It's an elite field.  You've got to play‑‑ have a really good year to be here, and I feel like‑‑ I feel like a kid in a candy store to be here, honestly, because it's been a fun week so far.
Playing practice rounds with nobody out there, you can get zipped around the golf course, only 30 guys.  So you don't have to worry about the putting green getting crowded or the driving range.
So it's a fun, fun event, and I'm having fun this week.  My game's in a good spot.  I may have not played the way I would have liked the last couple months, but I've been seeing some good signs the last few week.
It's nice to finally come to a golf course where you don't have to shoot 7, 8 under every day to win it.  We've been playing some shootout golf courses.  If you're not making the putts, sometimes it's a struggle because it looks like you're not playing good, but you really are.

Q.  After you played here Tuesday for the first time, do you feel like‑‑
BILLY HORSCHEL:  Yeah, I played the front side on Tuesday and the back side on Wednesday.  Like I said, I've seen it on TV many times.  I've talked to some of the guys that have been here plenty of times and my teacher Todd Anderson.
I just knew it's a ball striker's golf course.  The fairways are generous, you know, you don't want to miss them.  Especially the back side, there's some tough tee shots.  I feel like it fits my game.  I can control my golf ball very well.
I was able to make some putts.  I left some out there.  Honestly, in my mind, I shoot 4 under.  I think I could have shot possibly 7 easily.

Q.  Can you think of a scenario where you win the FedExCup?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  I was asked that this morning, and I looked at it.  I saw that I needed to win, and I saw about seven or eight other things in there that needed to go my way.
I said, well, you know what‑‑ I stopped reading at that point.  I don't know what the scenarios are.  Like I was telling somebody back there, I said I honestly could care less about the $10 million right now.
If it happens to get in my pocket on Sunday night, it will be a great thing, but I'm just worried about trying to play good golf, trying to get better, and I feel like, if I just focus on those two things, then winning and possibly winning the FedExCup just calls into place.

Q.  Not to jump too far ahead, but next season is about ready to start already.  Does this change what you're going to do schedule‑wise?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  No, not really because I planned on playing the fall events.  What's actually a good thing right now is I feel pretty rested.
I went through a stretch in July where I felt really tired.  I was really emotional around the golf course.  I didn't really want to spend time at home practicing.  I hit a bad shot, and it would get to me right away.  So I knew I was pretty fried a little bit.
Missed a cut at the PGA, and I just spent five, six days at home where I didn't touch a club, which was a great feeling.  So I feel pretty rested.
I played Frys and Malaysia, China, played a couple of events that's not part of the PGA Tour.  I look forward to playing, and then maybe next year I'll cut back a bit seeing I played so much this year.

Q.  When we saw you in the morning on Morning Drive and you were saying how jacked up you were, what was it like for you to be there for the first time?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  You know, it's pretty cool.  I've seen it on TV for many years.  I'm a fan of golf.  I love golf to death.
Fun to be a part of it.  Small field.  And you know you've had a good year.  I was pretty‑‑ the heart was beating the first few holes.  I was pretty excited.  So I was trying to calm the heart rate down a little bit.

Q.  Good for you.  A lot of work to be done over the course of the next three days.  Thanks, Billy.

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