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May 26, 2005

Peter Fowler


Q. Tell us about the round?

PETER FOWLER: Started off pretty average, then holed a 35-footer on the third for par which kind of kept it together and then I played pretty good and had some close birdie putts -- especially on the seventh where I hit a seven iron out of the rough to two feet so that was great. I had drive-sand wedge to five feet on 11.

On 14 I had a 7-iron to about 20 feet and knocked it in.

At 15 I was in the trees, chipped out, then went into the bunker, then hit it to five feet so that was almost a good bogey.

On 16 I had a good 3-wood and sand wedge to a tough pin to about eight feet.

Hit a good 3-wood on 17, then 5-wood and got up-and-down.

At 18 I hit a nice 7-wood approach and then two putts for birdie. I am pleased with it because I had started pretty sluggish and then got it together. I putted a lot better on the back nine and just generally ground it out.

Q. You're in a good position for someone who ground it out?

PETER FOWLER: It's nice to be up there. It's always important to get off to a good start on tournament otherwise it's a real struggle with the way the cuts are and the standards of play these days.

Q. You have played this tournament for a number of years now -- what do you make of BMW's involvement in the PGA Championship?

PETER FOWLER: My first PGA was in 1983 and I played from '83 to '95 and then the last three years as well. I love playing here and I love the course because it is an olds style, traditional course and we don't play enough of them anymore as far as I'm concerned. This is course is a lot more subtle and you have to think your way round a bit more than these modern courses that are just in your face.

As far as BMW are concerned, I think the tournaments that they run on Tour are at the forefront in terms of the way we are looked after and the facilities that they provide. The BMW team, Marco Kaussler and his team, have the personality that is really easy to deal with and they are just trying to do whatever they can for you. They are passionate about what they do which is why they continue to run good events. That helps us focus on what we have to do and as a result, you will find most of the players will do anything they can to help those guys, so it works both ways.

Over the years The Tour have worked really hard to make this Championship really good, and now that you have BMW helping as well, I think it's a great partnership of two companies who are passionate about their business. They were all talking last night at the Players' Meeting about what they can do to improve, and with that kind of passion behind it, I think this event is only going to get better.

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