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September 16, 2013

Zach Johnson


Q. ¬†Congratulations, Zach, a winner for the 10th time in your PGA TOUR career.¬† You came here a couple of weeks ago with your brother‑in‑law, your brother and your father on a bit of a reconnaissance mission.¬† What did you learn that day that you applied this week?
ZACH JOHNSON:  Just to get your feet on the grounds.  That's really it.  When we play golf courses year in, year out, you know what to expect.  You see different conditions, you see different winds, you see all sorts of different elements, but when it's a new event, a new facility, you just want to get your feet on the grounds and get used to it.  That's all it really was for me.  And we had a great day because the very next day was my brother's wedding, so what better way to spend time with family.

Q.¬† You're now 4th in the FedExCup standings.¬† You control your own destiny next week at East Lake.¬† You've won three in a row on a mini‑Tour before but never won back‑to‑back weeks on the PGA TOUR.¬† How do you put it together in back‑to‑back weeks at this level?
ZACH JOHNSON:  Frankly I'm going to have to forget about this week and I'm going to have to take Atlanta for Atlanta and just play.  East Lake is not Conway Farms.  It is a beast, and it's awesome.  It's a classic, and a challenge that I think myself and all my peers for that matter really get juiced up for.
Just keep doing what I'm doing and play each day for each day and just be thankful how much the Lord has blessed me.

Q.  As we said, you've won 10 times now in your career, and it's been 10 seasons with those 10 victories.  How would you express to people watching how difficult it is to win on this level?
ZACH JOHNSON:  It's extremely difficult.  I mean, I'm not so sure I fully grasp it.  You and I were talking about it; the depth and the parity we have on this TOUR, in the world, in the sport, is second to none.  It's just extremely difficult because everybody is playing at a high level, and there's so many incentives to work and get better.  I'm just thankful it's been 10 years, and hopefully more, many more, and I've got a great team.

Q.¬† Welcome to the 10‑win club.¬† It was hard fought, we had to wait an extra day to do it, but you persevered through some tough conditions all week.
ZACH JOHNSON:  Thank you.  Yeah, you said it.  It was a week of perseverance and patience.  I got off to a great start.  Conditions were favorable that day, I thought, and ended on a great note, too.  Today was just a day of hole to hole, plotting my way around, and I putted phenomenal today.  I mean, I haven't putted like that in weeks.  I mean, I've been hitting it good, and I have not putted like that in weeks.  It's nice having everything come together, especially on a Sunday (sic).

Q.  13 of 14 fairways, you had to keep it in play today, and you did that.
ZACH JOHNSON:¬† Yeah, exactly.¬† Hitting fairways on a day like this when it's saturated, to be aggressive into these greens you've got to hit fairways.¬† The one fairway I missed was on a par‑5, so obviously I had to lay up.¬† Driver is working great, and my putter was certainly on today.¬† Damon and I, my caddie, we had a good game plan, and we stuck to it.

Q.  The two putts, the birdies coming in on 16 and 17 are big, but I'll always think back to 5 and 6.  You make those two par putts, and that really kept it going?
ZACH JOHNSON:¬† Massive, massive.¬† Especially the one on 5.¬† I'm in the middle of the fairway with a 7‑iron and I hit a very poor shot.¬† That was actually the worst shot I hit all day.¬† Yeah, those putts were big.¬† Even the couple three to five, six‑footers for par, I think I had one or two on the back nine it felt like, and those are the ones that you've got to make.¬† Fortunately I got those in.
16 and 17 were‑‑ I can't explain them.¬† I mean, especially the one on 16.

Q.  This has been coming.  We've been seeing it for the last couple weeks.  How much of a validation is it to have it culminate at this tournament?
ZACH JOHNSON:  Well, I didn't need validation because I knew my game was good.  I've been saying is since probably May, and I've just felt good about the way my team has trusted in me and what we've done as far as our work.  It may validate the fact that I had so many top 10s in a row, but frankly that's irrelevant.  I didn't need to win to know that I'm going the right direction and that we have a great team of coaches and a great family.

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