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September 13, 2013

Slugger White


Q.  Let's go in chronological order.  When was this infraction first recognized from your committee?
SLUGGER WHITE:  Man, we heard about it probably maybe when Tiger was walking down 3, maybe 4.  I'm really not sure of the time frame there.

Q.  How were you notified?
SLUGGER WHITE:  Through our office.  The gentleman that had the video had called our office, and Andy Pazder called me.

Q.  Can you give us an overview of what the infraction is, what hole it was?
SLUGGER WHITE:  Yeah, it was on No.1.  Tiger evidently hit it over the green and was moving some loose impediments.  He had a pretty large loose impediment behind his ball, which he moved, was no problem at all, and there was a little stick of some sort kind of obviously next to his ball, and when he rolled that, the ball in fact moved.  He knew there was movement there, but it's like very was adamant that it oscillated, it stayed there.  But this video was at the site, and the ball did, in fact, move.
So in that situation, had he put the ball back it would have been a one‑stroke penalty.¬† He didn't, so he gets a two‑stroke penalty.

Q.  When you first mentioned to him about this infraction, what was his reaction to you?
SLUGGER WHITE:¬† You know what, it was‑‑ he was a little disbelieving.¬† How's that?

Q.  Did he see the video?
SLUGGER WHITE:¬† Yes, he did.¬† Yes, he did.¬† I had him look before he signed‑‑ he signed his card, but I told him not to turn it in until I talked to him, and he looked at it, and clearly felt like the ball just oscillated.¬† It's pretty clear that the ball did move.

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